Sunday, 12 June 2011

Baking Mad at The Madhouse with Eric Lanlard !

Just look at this fab box of goodies that the lovely people at Baking Mad sent me recently, containing Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar, Orange Extract, Allinsons Nature Friendly Plain White Flour, Glace cherries, Chopped Mixed Peel. It's all in aid of a special blogger challenge so watch this space.

 They are currently sponsoring a show – Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard - which is on every Monday on Channel 4 at 2.40pm, and they were looking for bloggers to have a go at making one of Eric Lanlard’s recipes that is due to appear in episode ten, the last episode of the series. It’s a delicious Light Fruit Loaf, which is great to share with friends. Baking Mad explain : "This will give you a chance not only to have a sneak preview of the recipe before the episode is aired, but to test your obviously impressive baking skills before Eric does it himself!"

Sounds like a challenge - hope it comes out OK !! Even if it doesn't, I promise I'll show you my efforts !

for more information :

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  1. Quality products always make a difference when baking I always use Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar especially when baking my lovely tea bread. Mmmmm I can taste it now!

  2. Well, let's give it a go this week - I'll show you my cake if you show me yours!


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