Saturday, 18 June 2011

Oloves olives review

We have a little bit of a love affair going on with olives here in The Madhouse. We've always liked them, either served as nibbles, on pizzas or used as an ingredient in cooking, but things got serious when we went on holiday to Tunisia and Turkey, where they take olives to another level. The olives there are so plump and sweet and juicy, we even ended up taking a few from the breakfast buffet as well as the lunch and dinner ones ! Back home, it's hard to find olives that can live up to their Turkish or Tunisian counterparts so I was keen to see what we'd think of Oloves.

The girls instantly loved the little foil sachets and asked if we could eat them last week, in honour of Madhouse Daddy Mike's birthday drinks ! We therefore opened the sachets and served them in little bowls to share, but the biggest selling point is their individual serving-sized packs and the handy cocktail stick on the side of the pack, which makes them ideal for picnics or packed lunches.

Juliette put the bowls on the table and she always puts the things she likes most closest to her, so the Oloves even beat the Pizza Pom-Bears (that we reviewed here) and cashews !

The Oloves come in two varieties. As they say : "Tasty Mediterranean is a mouth-watering combination of green olives marinated in basil and garlic, while Light Hearted Vinaigrette features green olives marinated in a vinaigrette dressing." They're both nice but our favourite was definitely Basil and Garlic. We also think that it would be a good idea to broaden the range, adding spicy olives, black olives (or a mix of black and green in the same pack), and stuffed olives, with anchovies, red pepper or almonds. The general opinion was that, while they're not as good as the ones we ate on holiday, they are as nice as any we've eaten in the UK so that's still pretty good !

Oloves are designed as a healthy on-the-go snacking alternative to crisps and nuts and each 30g pack contains under 50 calories (and about 12-14 olives). I love the fact that the sachets they come in aren't full of brine, so they're mess-free.

As well as being on sale in Holland & Barrett and Julian Graves stores, they have also been snapped up by a number of airlines, including Ryan Air, as in-flight snacks. They do work out a lot more expensive than buying a big jar of olives from the supermarket but you're paying for the convenience factor which is appreciable.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : 79p for 30g 

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  1. Hi Cheryl

    Its Chris from OLOVES here, thanks for reviewing the olives its always nice to receive honest feedback from our customers. We would like to add the review to our Facebook page but wanted to check if this was OK with you?

    We are also launching two NEW flavours, Hot Chilli Mama and Lemony Lover, which should be available in August.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks


  2. No problem at all - ahhh I said it would be good to have a spicy variety so I'll definitely look out for the Hot Chilli Mama ones, although the lemony ones sound good too :)

  3. If I had one addiction it's green olives. I've ordered literally thousands of dollars and have had them shipped from all over the world for years now.
    These are excellent! If your a olive lover, try oloves!


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