Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mrs Crimble’s Cheese Bites and Cheese Crackers review

When the lovely people at Mrs Crimble’s asked me if I'd like to review their Cheese Bites and Cheese Crackers, I was very keen to give them a try. Having already reviewed their mini choc-orange macaroons (here) and their chocolate coconut macaroons (here), I already knew that they made fabulous sweet treats but would they be able to cross over into savoury snacks too ?

Well, in a word, yes ! We started off with the Cheese Bites. The texture is crisp, crunchy and light, reminding me of those little pig-shaped puffed crisps you used to find in the 80's ! The flavour is delicate and naturally cheesy, unlike the pungent cheese football-type of cheesiness I was half expecting. They don't feel at all greasy on your fingers when you eat them and, sure enough, when I checked on the label, these are baked instead of being fried which makes them lighter and much lower in fat than many other nibbles. Quite a few of them were broken in the bag so do handle the bag with care when you're shopping !

Moving on to the Cheese Crackers, they're lovely too. They're light and crispy and taste lovely and subtly cheesy on their own, but have a flavour that is delicate enough not to overpower any cheese you may wish to eat with them. We tried them topped with cheddar but also the Croatian cheeses I reviewed here and they really complemented the flavours of the cheese.

I don't have any special dietary needs and I really enjoyed them and would buy them again. Great news for anyone who needs a gluten-free diet is that these are fine for you too !

The company explain : "Mrs Crimble’s has been busy developing gluten free products that use ingredients with more natural flavour than conventional alternatives. Mrs Crimble’s Cheese Bites and Cheese Crackers are both good examples of how the need to replace wheat flour can be an opportunity to improve a product’s flavour – with real cheese making up a whopping 48% of the Cheese Bites’ ingredients."

That's great news for all of us, with or without food intolerances !

 star rating : 4.5/5

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  1. These look delicious, I want to try some!


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