Friday, 24 June 2011

Summer ways with Tilda rice - Thai Fish Cakes recipe and rice salad ideas

Rice is more than just a winter warmer served alongside curry. It’s also a delicious ingredient in summer salads or BBQ recipes. And, with summer around the corner it’s time to think about more exotic, lighter options.

Basmati is a naturally healthy supergrain as it is gluten free, low in fat and sodium, and has near zero cholesterol. Basmati is also a complex carbohydrate with a low to medium Glycaemic Index, meaning energy is released at a slower, steadier rate avoiding the bloated feeling – so not only is it a healthy option, but it also gives you more energy to enjoy the summer sun!

Enjoy Tilda Pure Basmati as part of your spring or summer picnic recipes or BBQs. It’s perfect as an accompaniment or in your main course. Try adding some Tilda Pure Basmati rice when cooled to cubed feta, olives and cherry tomatoes for a tasty, easy and healthy salad. If you want something you can cook on the hot plate alongside a BBQ, try Tilda’s Thai Fish Cakes recipe using Tilda Steamed Basmati Lime & Coriander. They make a perfect, easy to prepare lunch or light and simple supper and any leftovers can be made into a quick and easy packed lunch option for the next day.

Thai Fish Cakes

Preparation Time: 10 minutes, chill for 30 minutess
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Serves 3-4


½ bunch spring onions, finely chopped
½ red chilli, finely chopped
1cm ginger, peeled and grated
1-2 tsp Thai Green curry paste
4 tbsp desiccated coconut
1 pack Tilda Steamed Basmati Lime and Coriander rice
Small can white crab meat, well drained
Zest of 1 lime
1 small bunch coriander, chopped
1 beaten egg


Mix together Tilda Lime & Coriander rice, spring onions, chilli, ginger, curry paste, coconut, crab, lime zest, and coriander

Add one beaten egg to bind

If you find the mixture is too wet, add a handful of the breadcrumbs until the mixture binds

Make into small balls

Chill for 20-30 minutes (or make the night before and chill overnight)

Coat in the breadcrumbs

Fry in a little oil until crisp and golden brown and piping hot all the way through (approx 7 mins each side).

Serve with a sweet chilli dipping sauce and lime wedges

Visit to see celebrity chef Jo Pratt demonstrating this recipe, and check out other summer recipes.

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  1. I LOVE Thai Fishcakes and it looks like they can be dairy free - BRILLIANT! Must try them.

  2. Mmmmmm sounds yummy! Must try this!

  3. these thai fishcakes look fab!


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