Friday 25 May 2012

Savvy Online Shopper meme

When the lovely Kate tagged me on her meme blogpost over at Kate On Thin Ice, I was intrigued to see what she was up to. Not only she does a lot of great work informing people about how they can help various charities, she also gets involved in lots of barmy blogger challenges ! Well, she's got some information to share about another great way of raising money for good causes from the comfort of your computer chair ! Read through my answers to the questions and all will be explained !

1. How often do you shop online?
Not that often actually. I usually splash out on myself once in a while, using the money I've saved up in paypal from selling things on ebay or vouchers from doing various online surveys.

2. If you can remember, tell us about the first time you shopped online?
I think it was something from ebay and I got really excited about winning the bid !

3. What do you buy regularly online?
Books and video games from amazon, photos and photo books, clothes for the kids, quirky gifts and absolute bargains in the online sales.

4. What other type of products or services do you buy online? (flowers, gifts, holidays, insurance etc)
Stuff from ebay from America that you can't find in Europe (I bought a huge load of Jeremiah Junction cross stitch patterns for me and some Washington Redskins stuff for Mike that were fab). Music and ipad app downloads.

5. What are the advantages of shopping online?
Not having to drag bored kids round the shops with me. Being able to shop 24/7 when the kids are in bed.

6. Are there any disadvantages of shopping online?
Not being able to try on shoes or clothes before buying. The shipping charges can be atrocious too.

7. Do you ever shop online in secret?
Yes, but because I'm buying surprise gifts, not to hide what I'm spending !

8. What is the very last thing you bought online?
A new charger lead for the ipad because the old one was falling apart, a Most Haunted DVD boxset, some I-Spy books for the summer holidays and a Sims game for the Nintendo 3DS that we received last week. All in the same order - and I only went on to buy the lead !!

9. If someone was buying something online for you, what would you like it to be if money was no object?
Some new clothes - I'm at that halfway weightloss stage where lots of my clothes are getting too big but I don't want to splash out on a whole new wardrobe as I'd still like to drop a couple of dress sizes.

10. Have you heard of Give As You Live? If not find out more here where a video will show you all about it.
Yes, vaguely, but I didn't really know how it all worked. I've been to have a look and there are some big brands - Play, Tesco, Boots, Argos, etc - so I'll definitely check it out. It's no skin off my nose and if it can help good causes, that's great !

Anyone can take part in Kate's meme but I am going to tag a few bloggers who might like to get involved to help spread the word.

1) @ali991 at
2) @_cathyj_ at
3) @needaphone at
4) @maximka25 at
5) @7hippopotamus at

This post was inspired by Savvy Online Shopper Friday over on the Kate On Thin Ice blog. Kate is currently telling people how they can ensure money goes to charity every time they shop online at no extra cost to themselves.  You can find out how you too can see the retailers you shop with donating a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice by clicking

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  1. Great post Cheryl and thanks for doing it. I love how you clarify exactly why you shop in secret.

    1. No problem, great to help spread the word :)

  2. I hadn't heard of this but now that you and KAte have highlighted it I'll definitely be looking into it. I do an awful lot of shopping online so if it can help a charity while I'm doing it then that can only be a good thing ;-)


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