Tuesday 29 May 2012

WeightWatchers Individual Carrot Cakes review

I told you last week (here) about the lovely hamper of goodies that I was sent through from Weight Watchers and I've already been sampling the Individual Carrot Cakes. The packaging says that they are reduced fat (with 30% less fat than standard carrot cakes) but that certainly doesn't mean reduced taste or reduced enjoyment - they are utterly divine !

The blurb on the box says that they are "deliciously moist, topped with buttercream and dusted with cinnamon". Doesn't sound like diet food, does it ?! They don't taste like diet food either. The cake part is beautifully moist and tastes buttery and sweet. The icing is soft and doesn't set with a slightly hard crust like fondant icing, it remains light and fluffy because it is made with soft cheese which makes it seem really fresh as if they've just been made.

The fact that the icing doesn't go hard means that it gets a bit squished in the box but this imperfect look just adds to the impression that you are eating homemade cakes. I could detect a hint of cinnamon behind the sweetness and creaminess which I thought was coming through from the cake part but is actually dusted over the icing.

This gooey, delicious, indulgent treat will only "cost" you 3 ProPoints which is incredibly good. For those of you who aren't on the ProPoints system, each cake contains 112 calories, 11.8g of sugar, 3.2g f fat, 0.9g of saturates and 0.2g of salt. One cake is the perfect size for an evening treat in front of the TV or an afternoon snack if you're craving sweet stuff.

The huge advantage of the Weight Watchers ProPoints system is that nothing is out of bounds, as long as you calculate the points and don't go over your daily and weekly allowances. I've been saving up a few points every day to allow myself a guilt-free moment of indulgence every evening in front of the TV. If I still manage to lose weight at the end of the week, I'll be majorly chuffed and it'll show that the system really works !

There is only one thing written on the box that I don't agree with and that's the part that says "ideal for sharing". There may be 6 individual cakes in a box but they're mine, all mine !!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.80 for 6

Disclosure : I have been given a year's membership to Weight Watchers Online and receive monthly hampers of products in return for honest reviews.

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  1. let me know if this weightwatching thing works for u! i'm not a big fan of diet but worth it if i still can enjoy cake!

    1. I'm doing weekly updates if you click on the "weightloss" tag :)Loads of blogposts already on here about Jenny Craig, Thinking Slimmer and other weightloss products and programmes I've been sent to try out.

  2. they sound good thanks for the review!

  3. I'm sure I used to buy these in a rectangle shape - they really were delicious! But I think the cupcake version looks much cuter. I agree... definitely NOT for sharing.. ;)

    1. I'm new to these so I don't know if they've replaced or are in addition to the old ones, but I did keep coming across carrot cake slices when I was checking details and looking for prices, so they're probably the ones you mention :)

  4. I think they are quite high in calories for something I can eat in two/three bites! I'm not sure I could limit myself to just one either!!
    (I like Weight Watchers yogurt desserts which are lovely.)

  5. not tried these yet - love carrot cake!

  6. I loove carrot cake - any which way. Less calories means I can have more!!!


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