Tuesday 7 August 2012

Create a gorgeous indoor den for the kids with 3M

You may have seen our recent attempt at making a den using a washing line, some pegs and a sheet. The kids loved it, but it isn't a patch on this fabulous playzone created by interior designer Pippa Jameson. There's just one word for it - wow ! Watch the video to see how it's done and check out Pippa's top tips on how to create the perfect kids' den. Sounds like great fun for a rainy day after (or during?) the summer.


Top Tips for creating a fabulous and fun kids’ den – Pippa Jameson

1.     The summer holidays may now be upon us, but if you are planning a stay-cation this year you cannot be guaranteed glorious sunshine. Don’t panic! Pippa Jameson, with the help of the Command range of products from 3M, has created the perfect solution for keeping the children entertained indoors on rainy days by designing a fabulous kids’ play den.

2.     First choose the area in your home that you wish to transform; it could be your child’s bedroom or if you have one, the playroom.  Choose a fun and bright square of fabric and fold in half to create a triangle shape, then tie a knot in the three corners of your triangle. 

3.     Next, clear a space in the corner of your room as you will need two adjacent walls to attach the fabric to. Small Wire Hooks from the Command range are ideal for fixing your den in place. Attach the first hook right in the corner where the two walls meet and one hook to either wall. Once you have attached the hooks to the wall, leave for an hour and then hook your three knots of fabric on to each of them to create your canopy. To make your den really child friendly and cosy ensure that the material doesn’t hang too high above your child’s head.

4.     Now you can start to have fun and transform your den into a special kids’ hideaway. If you have the space, a small table and chairs work well and will give the kids a little work station for crafts and drawing. Otherwise, cushions in varying sizes can make a really comfy seating area.
5.     To give the den an extra homely feel why not clip some photos and drawings to the walls? Command Picture Clips are great as they are really easy to apply and can hold multiple pictures at once. Kids’ pictures in coloured frames are ideal for adding an injection of colour and you can hang these, without damaging your walls with nails, by using Command’s new Saw tooth Sticky Nail or Wire-back Sticky Nail, depending on the back of your frames.

6.     To keep the area tidy and organised attach a couple of Clear Caddies from Command to the wall. These are available in three sizes; the largest is ideal for colouring books whilst the smaller ones can be used for little toys and pencils. Just make sure you check the weight restrictions on the back of the packets before you use them. 

7.     The best thing about making a den for your kids is that it can be tailored to suit your budget and space and you can personalise it to your children’s style. Using Command Products to help create the den is ideal as they can be removed cleanly and easily without leaving any marks on your walls once play time is over.


  1. me and my sister used to throw sheets over the washing line and camp there for the day hehe this den is very impressive unfortunatly i have no space in my house for it

  2. Wow, I remember putting sheets and covers on top of chair's we (me and siblings) pushed together and made little dens. Childhood memories! x

  3. Fabulous! Enough said.


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