Thursday 5 September 2013

Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets fashion doll review

You probably all remember the catchphrase "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman", so the ideal byline for the newest fashion doll to hit the market could well be "Is it a girl? Is it a dog? No, it's Pinkie Cooper" ! It's a bit of a strange creation really, rather like transplanting a Littlest Pet Shop head onto a Barbie body but, bizarrely, it seems to work !

The press release explains : "Pinkie Cooper is the ingenious combination of human doll and English toy spaniel who lives in an ‘IT girl’ high fashion world and likes to travel the globe with her best friends, Ginger Jones and Pepper Parsons and their equally stylish pet pooches. As a fashion student at New York’s World of Original Fashion (WOOF!), Pinkie is set to be more sophisticated, more glamorous and more stylish than her competition. Pinkie and her friends are cute and sweet with a penchant for the cutting edge fashion that their world dictates."

We received the Pinkie in London doll (there are also Paris and Beverley Hills versions available) which comes with a funky checked coat and matching hat, plus pink boots. There are also some miniature accessories in the pack - a camera, an umbrella (pink, to match the boots !) and a hairbrush. Plus her pet pooch, which confused the Madhouse Mini-testers slightly. Why does Pinkie walk on two legs like a human if the little dog walks on all fours? Ummm I have no idea !

We also received Saltine, in the smaller pack, and again the Madhouse Mini-testers couldn't quite work out if she was supposed to be Pinkie Cooper's friend or pet. Would a dog have a dog as a pet? Either way, she was deemed "as beautiful as a princess" with her sequins and tiara, as well as her little food bowl and chair.

Juliette immediately adopted them and loved brushing their silky hair (fur?) and making up stories with the little accessories.

One lovely feature is that if you have several dolls, you can pull their hair off and swap them around because they are all totally interchangeable, as well as the clothes. The same is true for the ears of the jet set pets.

Juliette decided to go for a half and half look with her little poochie pets so that they both looked extra funky and fashionable with mismatched ears!

The Pinkie Cooper doll is a lovely, high-quality, fully-jointed doll that seems solidly built. Her quirky half dog-half human look, big brown eyes and long long eyelashes make her highly appealing to little girls and she's certainly different to all the other fashion dolls out there on the market. The smaller Jet Set Pets remind me of fashionista Littlest Pet Shop animals with extra playability due to the accessories and interchangeable ears and I can see them becoming collectible. Another plus point from a parent's point of view is the cleverly designed packaging - the outer plastic sleeve can be carefully slid off of the main box and back on again as a storage box so that you can keep all the little bits and pieces in one place.

These are bound to be on an awful lot of little girls' Santa wish lists this year. I'm hoping to see some books or DVDs featuring them too to help me answer all those awkward questions about the canine/human behaviour !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99 Pinkie Cooper travel collection, £14.99  Pinkie Cooper & Friends Runway Collection, £9.99 Jet Set Pets Collection, £9.99 Pinkie Cooper Party Collections Fashion Packs, £21.99 Jet Setting Case

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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