Friday, 4 July 2014

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? (menu plan - 4/7/14)

Woohoo, school's out for the summer and, as a teacher, I'm just as excited as the kids ! That means I need to organise lunches as well as dinners and I'll finally have time to try out all those recipes I've bookmarked and still not made. I will also have the traditional clearout of the food cupboards, using slightly strange or unknown ingredients from my foodie subscription boxes that I've yet to use.


lunch - well, it's kind of a tradition so probably McDonald's soft play, in which case salmon salad for me - or if we eat at home, fajitas

dinner - salade Niçoise with green beans, tomatoes, tuna, olives and Argentinian potato salad (for the World Cup challenge - recipe to follow)


lunch -  roast or bbq

dinner -leftovers or cheese on toast


lunch - big Cornish pasty-sized Baked Leek & Ham Empanadas with root veg mash (the kids loved these as nibbles so I'll supersize them !)

dinner - another discovery from the World Cup foodie challenge that was a huge success so I'll make it again - my German dish of lentil stew, abernmauke (mash with added bacon, onions & veg) and smoked sausage


lunch - a tweak on my Chile Rellenos Casserole - maybe using a quiche lorraine-style recipe this time

dinner - homemade spring rolls


lunch - I have a tin of corned beef to use up - maybe rissoles ? - with spaghetti in tomato sauce

dinner - patatas a lo pobre with marinated chicken thighs


lunch - something from my #readcookeat Greek cuisine roundup - quite possibly spanakopita, which involves, spinach, feta, eggs and filo pastry, with a Greek salad

dinner -  Turkish kofte meatballs, maybe with pear and goat's cheese stuffed inside this time for a Greek twist, with risotto


lunch - macaroni cheese (with ham, mushrooms, onions & cherry tomatoes added) and salad

dinner - chicken curry (using one of the jars of curry sauce from the cupboard) with rice

on the baking/extras front, I have lots of things to use up in the cupboards that don't necessarily appeal to me so now's the time to have a clearout ! - Horchata de chufa (Spanish tigernut drink), a tin of Kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables), Grass Jelly with Basil Seeds and Sweetcorn & Tapioca Beads (both from the Vietnam box) - hmmm maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised ?!

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  1. Oooh, you really are cooking your way around the world this week! It all sounds delicious

    1. Not too sure about the extras, but time will tell !

  2. I've been learning Spanish since September so I was interested to see a Spanish dish on your menu (particularly as we are currently learning about different food types and ordering in restaurants'. I'll be trying Patatas a lo pobre just so I can boast about it in my next Spanish lesson :-)

    1. excellent - if you click on my "globe-cooking" tag and scroll through, there are a whole series of Spanish recipes not too long ago because I had a Spansih-themed Kitchen Trotter box :)


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