Friday 28 November 2014

More Fudge In My Kitchen Creations

Oops, we did it again ! After our very impressive first foray into the wonderful world of fudge-making (click through to see our Vanilla Rainbow Fudge), we decided to make the other two packs from the Kids In The Kitchen Fudge In My Kitchen kit. (Sorry to keep sending you off left right and centre but you can click through there to see the contents of the kit too.) You get all the ingredients you need plus some handy tools, including scrapers and a sugar thermometer.

We started off with the decadently-named Double Chocolate Explosion.

Juliette tipped the contents of the fudge mix - mainly sugar and cocoa powder - into the bowl.

Then she poured in the liquid sugar. Then I remembered that this should be going into a saucepan, not a bowl !

I transferred it over and Juliette watched, fascinated, as it started to bubble and melt (and I repeatedly squawked "Mind your hair" !).

Once it reached the right temperature, it was time for the leap of faith again. It always looks so runny that it will all come cascading off the chopping board as you pour it out of the pan (going very slowly is the key thing here) but, even if it was a close thing this time, some nifty scraping with the spatula managed to keep it all on the board !

After just a few minutes of "kneading" (pushing from side to centre repeatedly with the scraper), it had turned into a squidgy but solid loaf of fudge. Time to push in the chocolate chips. (And look in the box for the popping candy. Either they forgot to put it in or one of my pint-sized kitchen helpers had whisked it away rather sneakily. Either way, we had popping candy-free fudge but it was still very nice !)

The remaining chocolate chips needed to be melted and drizzled over the top.

This fudge was softer and less crumbly than the Rainbow Vanilla one so it was much easier to slice.

While I had a sticky gooey saucepan to wash up, I decided to make up the final batch too.

It's very impressive how it goes so swiftly from this ...

to this ...

to this ! This one had cookie crumb and mini marshmallow inclusions.

This made it a bit crumbly for shaping into a loaf (or maybe I took too long taking the photos so it cooled down too much !) but I got there in the end.

I found the original Vanilla Rainbow fudge to be too sweet for my liking (although Juliette loved it) but these two chocolatey versions weren't quite as sweet so I had to fight Juliette to get a few pieces for myself ! Very nice and making them yourself is very gratifying. They'd make a great handmade Christmas gift if you packaged them up in pretty parcels.

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a fudge-making kit in order to write an honest review. 

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  1. This looks like so much fun to make and simpler than I thought it would be! What a fab idea!

    1. same here - I always thought it must be really complicated !

  2. looks yummy, would be nice to make as a gift


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