Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thomas & Friends 'Day of the Diesels' wooden trains review

Much to Pierre's absolute delight, we've been having a total Thomas & Friends-fest here at The Madhouse recently, so I thought I'd go for a bit of a Thomas-theme on the blog today ! Look out for more Thomas reviews in a moment.

A few months ago, we reviewed the Thomas & Friends DVD called "Day of the Diesels" - a review that you can read here - which introduced four new engines: Den, Dart and the brave firefighting engines Belle and Flynn.

Learning Curve, who have been producing the Thomas & Friends Wooden Trains and accessories for a number of years, kindly sent us through the stars of the "Day of the Diesels" DVD to play with - err, I mean review ! Pierre immediately grabbed them, saying "choo choo" !

He discovered, and happily played with, all of the train models, which are instantly recognisable from the film. He was fascinated in particular by the magnetic links ! The attention to detail and characterisation is impressive and the toys, which are made of real wood, seem very resistant, putting up with some pretty rough and tumble play (such as being rolled across the floor into the wall and being knocked off the table) without any signs of wear and tear.

Even Madhouse Daddy Mike had his boy-toy radar switched on and honed in on the play session for some father and son bonding ! They spent ages rolling them across the floor and making them have races and even crashes !

Later, I put on the Thomas & Friends : Day of the Diesels DVD and Pierre happily squealed and lifted up his new engines every time one of the charaters came up on the screen !

Don't go away - more Thomas reviews on the way !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £10-£15 each

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  1. These look great, I much prefer wooden train sets to plastic ones

  2. We bought my son a wooden train table and track for christmas and he loves it, these would fit on so would make a lovely addition

  3. Anything thomas goes down well in my house!


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