Sunday 21 April 2013

Pabobo Super Nomade Portable Night Light review

Pierre already has a gorgeous Pabobo Barbapapa Carousel Lamp in his bedroom, so when the opportunity arose to review a Super Nomade Portable Night Light from the same company, we jumped at the chance. 

When it arrived, both Juliette and Pierre got all excited about how cute it is. It looks like a smiley little man which already looks cheerful on a bedroom shelf when not in use. 

I'd instantly noticed on the box that it is rechargeable but I wasn't expecting it to be rechargeable via a USB port. I thought the cable was incredibly short - it could do with being a bit longer. The Madhouse Mini-testers excitedly sat watching it to see if it would spring to life and light up !

But he didn't because he's actually a very clever little man who can detect when it's dark. All the time you're in a light room, it won't come on, but as soon as you turn the light off or it gets dark, he lights up. The kids had great fun shoving it up their jumpers and hiding under the duvet with it to see it work its magic ! The fact that it turns itself on and off means that it doesn't waste energy for nothing and one charge will keep it going for up to 200 hours, which is pretty amazing !

My only slight niggle is that it doesn't have an on-off switch at all - if you like to turn off the night light once your child is asleep, to wean them off sleeping with the light on, you can't actually do this. (Stop Press - the sales team left me a comment to say that you can actually turn off this night light by a long pressure on the button close to the LCD screen, which is good to know.)

The night light is designed with little hands in mind so it is small enough for young children to hold comfortably and the fact that it has no wires or batteries means that it is totally safe for them to take it to bed with them. It won't heat up, even if kept under the covers, and this is actually a good way around the problem of those who want to sleep in the dark, with the reassurance of light at hand when needed - for example if a toddler wants to get up to use the potty or venture to the toilet when they can't reach the lightswitch.

The Pabobo Nomade comes in three colour choices - taupe, lilac and blue. I think these would be a really funky addition to a summer evening barbecue in place of solar-powered garden lights and garden decorations. They could be the new party accessory, in place of glowsticks !

OK, maybe not - but he does seem to be permanently attached to Pierre and Juliette's hands, joining in with their play in darkened dens and for reading under the covers, as well as going to bed.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £35

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Aw this is cute, thanks for the review

  2. This is a lovely product, my 3y/o really struggles with staying in his own bed..this might be the answer!

  3. Hello,
    Actually you can turn-off this night light by a long pressure on the button closed to the LCD screen :)
    Emilie from Pabobo's team

    1. aaahh thank you - I'll show the kids tomorrow ! :) I'll also add a note in the review.


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