Friday 19 April 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 19/4

Heading into the second week of the school holidays, so it's another double menu-planning week with lunches and evening meals.

I love the way the menu planning works as a rough guide but is easily adaptable. For example, I was supposed to be making fajitas at some point in the week. As I have leftover parmesan chicken from yesterday, they've evolved into parmesan chicken fajitas ! 


lunch - possibly McDonalds, otherwise something quick like spaghetti and meatballs

dinner - we're off to a wedding cocktail so will probably be full of nibbles


lunch - the classic Sunday roast

dinner - whoever is hungry will nibble on soup, porridge, cereal or a sandwich


lunch - Pork (or leftover roast chicken, if there is any) Chow mein with noodles

dinner - Stuffed Round Courgettes with rice


lunch - Deep South Brown Sugar Marinaded beef with mash and broad beans

dinner - Coronation Chicken in wraps or in a baked potato with salad/homemade coleslaw


lunch - Szechuan Spicy Tomato Stiry Fry (with chicken breast/onions/peppers/Asian stirfry vegetable mix)

dinner - Cottage Pie with carrots/peas


lunch - white fish with Mojito Lime Marinade, rice and broccoli

dinner - Chicken Chasseur with lots of added veg and spicy Cajun potato wedges


lunch - Pork chops with Smoky Texan marinade, mushrooms & onions, served with couscous and salad or veggies

dinner - Chicken & Mushroom Biryani

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  1. White fish in mojito lime marinade sounds fantastic, so does the deep South marinated beef. I wish my guys would be more adventurous when it comes to food. I am happy to cook almost anything (well, maybe be not monkey's brain or sheep's eye)

    1. I can take no credit, I'm afraid - they are both seasoning sachets made by Schwartz ! lol

  2. sounds yummy, i dont know where you find the time


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