Sunday 14 April 2013

This week's fruit & veg box 14/4

As it's the school holidays, we'll be cooking at The Madhouse twice a day all week so I asked for a double veg box this week. There's so much stuff, I couldn't fit it all in one photo ! We have artichokes (no idea how to cook them or what to do with them - he put them in as a bonus because they're right on their time and need using quickly so I'll probably use them tomorrow, I'll go searching for inspiration on google later, unless you lot have any bright ideas?), an avocado (perfect for guacamole to go with fajitas), some spring onions (I think they're spring onions ?), some more grenaille baby potatoes (the kids loved these last week), a green pepper, a cucumber, some pears and red apples ...

Continuing on the fruit side, some local boscoop apples (which I will be using for cooking - not sure what yet, a tart, pie, crumble or muffins maybe?), some enormous oranges, some strawberries and some yellow plums.

My fruit bowl is overflowing, which is great news because that's where I'll be snacking this week, rather than reaching for the biscuits or chocolate !

So ... time to go looking up artichokes !

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  1. i wouldnt have a clue what to do with an artichoke! did you make anything nice?

    1. The general consensus of opinion was to steam them and serve with butter or vinaigrette - can't beat simple ! lol


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