Sunday 28 April 2013

Personalised Peppa Pig Goes Swimming book review

Pierre loves Peppa Pig and he also loves reading, so when we were offered the chance to review a personalised Peppa Pig And Me book, I jumped at the chance. He absolutely loved the one we received last year called "Pierre and Peppa Go To School" - you can see our review for that one here - which tied in perfectly with his first day at school, and this one - called "Peppa and (Your Child) Go Swimming" - again perfectly suits our needs, because Pierre has recently started freaking out at bathtime when I need to get his hair wet. That could be a problem when we spend a fortnight in Morocco in a couple of months and will be spending a large part of our time at the pool !

In this book, George is scared of swimming when Peppa's family (and your child) go off to the pool , but he soon learns to love splashing about, hopefully reassuring and convincing your child along the way.

It's really quick and simple to personalise the book online. You just need to put in your child's name, choose the colour for their hair, skin and eyes, choose the hairstyle and select glasses if required, then add a quick personal message for the front page. That's it - it literally takes 2 minutes.

Pierre loves reading any book that features one of his favourite TV heroes, but actually having a book that stars him alongside them is a totally magical experience for him. I'm sure the same would be true for any little girl or boy - and if they don't like Peppa Pig, there are other characters available, such as Fifi & the Flowertots, Roary and Noddy.

The glossy paged book comes in a choice of paperback or hardback and contains 24 pages that are about A4 size (21 x 28cm). As well as being impressed with the product itself, the customer service is faultless - the book arrived the very next day after I ordered it.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £14.99 for paperback, £19.99 for hardback

Disclosure : I received a book in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Going to look into this. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I am off to order one for my youngest daughter who is due to start swimming lessons at school! Out of my four children, she has always suffered less confidence in the water and she loves Peppa Pig so hopefully this book will help her! Thank you for the great review!

  3. How lovely! We have one personalised Peppa book, which Eddie loved. Now that we started taking him swimming, I'm sure he'd love to have a book about him swimming with Peppa

  4. What a great idea. My 3 year old grandson had a Peppa Pig party... he loves Peppa Pig. We had lots of fun Peppa Pig games and food.

  5. I love all the Peppa items you can get. We took our little ones to Peppa pig world last summer, my youngest loves her, I was wondering what to get her for her birthday, I think I know now!


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