Tuesday 16 April 2013

Madhouse recipe : Creamy Prawns with Leeks & Mushrooms

Last night, I was all prepared for making prawn curry for me and Madhouse Daddy Mike. As I know the Madhouse Mini-testers don't like spicy food, I'd planned on them eating leftover roast chicken and pasta. Then Juliette saw the prawns and begged to have some too ! I decided to throw together a few of her favourite ingredients - prawns, leeks and mushrooms - and was pleased to see that it worked really well.

First, peel the prawns. I prefer doing this when they are still just slightly frozen because it makes it much less messy !

Finely slice one large leek and 3 mushrooms and stir fry them in a little olive oil or butter over a low heat.

When they are soft and cooked through, add a handful of peeled prawns and continue for cook for two minutes.

Add a glug of crème fraîche (or you could use Philadelphia or Dairylea for a mild cheesy taste). Gently heat for a couple of minutes and serve with rice.

It's a really quick and simple dish - the only thing that took time was peeling the praws so if you buy them ready peeled, you'll have a meal ready in literally five minutes.

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