Monday 29 April 2013

Share your bagel recipes and win !

New York Bakery Co is giving all aspiring masterchefs the chance to be published in a recipe book, and get paid for it! The crowd sourced recipe collection has now reached 2,000 entries with selected recipe writers receiving financial reward every time the book is downloaded.

To get involved, budding food writers simply need to upload their favourite bagel recipe at by Sunday 5th May with the most popular recipes featuring in the online recipe book.

Here's my entry : ULTIMATE BRUNCH BAGEL 

Imagine the luxury of Breakfast at Tiffany's - scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, fresh dill, cracked black pepper and gherkins, on a red onion & chive bagel. The perfect start to a lazy Sunday. :)
Ingredients: Onion Bagel with Scrambled Egg, Salmon, Dill, Gherkin, Pepper

Here are some more recipe suggestions from New York Bakery co :

Diner Breakfast
- Toast a Wholemeal or Plain bagel and top with creamy scrambled egg, cracked black pepper and crispy NY style bacon
- OR toast a Fruit & Oat bagel and top with sliced banana and a drizzle of sweet honey

Classic Brunch
- A true classic: top your Sesame bagel with smoked salmon, smooth cream cheese and sprinklings of dill and watercress

Deli Lunch
- Fill your Red Onion & Chive bagel full of meaty pastrami, crunchy gherkins, fiery Dijon mustard
- Healthy Wholemeal bagel bursting with mouth-watering avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce & juicy tomato

Cheesy Treat
- Create a yummy pizza bagel by melting mozzarella on a Sesame or Plain bagel and topping with juicy cherry tomatoes, freshly cracked black pepper and a sprinkling of basil

Afternoon Delight
- Spread butter on a toasted sweet Cinnamon & Raisin or Blueberry bagel

Tea Time Feast
- Devour a Plain bagel with spicy chorizo, sundried tomato and peppery rocket

If that's inspired you, don't forget to go over and enter your own creation. Recipes can be entered at the New York Bakery Co Facebook page using the Start Spreading Build-a-Bagel application until 5th May 2013. Budding chefs simply need to create their ultimate bagel and then start spreading the news to all of their fiends to encourage them to vote for their recipe for the best chance of being included in the book or to win one of five trips to New York. The 20 most popular bagel suggestions at the end of the campaign will be featured in the online recipe book, which will be available to download absolutely free from Chosen contributors will receive a 1p payment every time the book is downloaded and will be encouraged to share the bagel recipe book online amongst family and friends to secure the maximum possible reward. New York Bakery Co is also offering the chance to win five trips to New York, the home of bagels, to research all of the latest bagel inspirations. Plus, 500 bagel protectors will be up for grabs, following their successful trial last year, to make sure bagels stay in the best possible shape whilst on the move.

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  1. Just voted for you! I'm not doing this competition, as the prize is something i wouldn't be able to do, and the bagel holders or whatever the r/u prizes are, don't inspire me either, lol

    1. But you might make your first million from getting your recipe published !! lol ;-)

    2. I haven't thought about that, hmmm :)

  2. You can't go wrong with salmon and cream cheese on a bagel :p Just been to Asda and stocked up !! The onion bagels are the yummy ones !! x

  3. This sounds really tasty and something new to try. Thanks for sharing this.



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