Monday 8 April 2013

Madhouse Recipe : Bacon & Spelt-Stuffed Round Courgettes

Round courgettes found their way back onto the menu at The Madhouse last week. You may remember that last time I tried Spicy Chicken-Stuffed Round Courgettes which were very nice and also a great way of using up the leftovers from the Sunday roast. I decided to try a different combination this time and, after a bit of rummaging in the cupboard and freezer, opted for bacon & Sun-dried tomato & chilli speltotto.

Bacon & Spelt-Stuffed Round Courgettes

ingredients :

5 round courgettes
1 onion
8 rashers of bacon, fat trimmed off

First, cut the tops off the courgettes and scoop out the flesh from the inside. Imagine you're making mini Jack o' lanterns for Halloween ! (Actually that's given me an idea - maybe I should carve a spooky face in them next time and call them Spook-inis instead of Zucchinis!) Roughly chop the courgette flesh and gently fry in a drizzle of olive oil, along with a chopped onion.

Follow the pack instructions for the Speltotto - if you don't have any of this, you could use bulghur wheat, Ebly or even rice at a pinch, plus the seasoning of your choice to give it a bit of oomph. 

Grill or fry the bacon rashers, chop them into strips and add to the courgette.

When the speltotto is cooked, add the bacon, onion and courgettes and mix gently.

Use this mixture to stuff the courgette shells. If desired, you can sprinkle a little grated cheese on top. Bake in the oven at 180° for about half an hour.

The Madhouse Mini-testers aren't keen on regular courgettes but they love the round ones - I'm still not sure if that's because of the shape or because they're stuffed though !

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  1. Fabby fab, and very trendy too! I just saw a recipe for stuffed courgettes in the Weekend mag, with minced lamb and cooked in yogurt. Methinks, I'll be also cooking stuffed courgettes some time this week, just got a box of veg from Abel & Cole.


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