Saturday 13 April 2013

Lunaling Techwear Capri Pants 7-day Challenge

When Lunaling asked me if I'd like to take part in a seven day trial of their Capri pants, I went over to their website to find out a bit more about them. Here is what I read : "Get smoother, softer skin and lose weight in style with Lunaling Capri. They feel cosy and sleek, hugging you gently from tummy to calves. Using technology proven to help you lose weight during exercise, Lunaling helps you get the body you want. Suitable for any exercise (or just for wearing around the house), the Capris use your natural body temperature to increase the heat around the areas you care about most (legs, thighs, bum and tum). In fabric tests, women wearing Lunaling lost weight 4x faster in 30 minutes than they did doing the same exercise with normal gym clothes!" Hmmm sounds too good to be true? Yes, that was what I thought too. But I said that about the Slimpod too and here I am, 13kg lighter, so I decided to give them a go as an open-minded sceptic.

I wore them for seven days on the trot - luckily they drip dry very quickly so you can rinse them out in the evening and they'll be dry again by morning. Here is my feedback diary for the seven days I've been wearing them :

Day 1 : Sitting here in my Lunaling Capris on day 1 of the trial - so far so good, they're very comfy. I'm a bit of an open-minded sceptic, hoping for some good results but not totally convinced yet ! They smell a bit strange but that's a small price to pay if they really do help with weight/inch loss ! :)

Day 2 : I've been wearing the capris all day, not doing anything very strenuous but can still feel them warming my legs up - rather nice in this cold weather actually ! Thinking of wearing them under my trousers at work tomorrow ...

Day 3 &4 : Wore my Capris under my trousers to work - felt them doing their magic as I ran up and down the stairs !

Day 5 : Wearing the capris to do the hoovering - *phew* made it into a proper workout !!

Day 6 : Wore them under my workwear again, they're very discreet. I could feel my legs heating up and getting slightly damp but not horribly sweaty so there are no embarrassing wet patches ! That's just from normal day to day walking around, nothing particularly strenuous.

Day 7 : Coming to the end of the 7-day trial of Lunaling Capri pants so decided to retake my measurements. I was stunned to see that I've lost 1cm all over - on waist, hips and thighs ! This is in a hectic week at work where I haven't had time to do any structured exercise at all, just the usual running around at work and looking after the kids, plus a hoovering session. I've worn my Capris every day, under my work clothes, and could feel them heating up my legs. I'm now looking forward to trying them out with proper exercise now that I'm on holiday so I'm hoping to see even better results. I was a total sceptic so I'm actually very surprised, to be honest !

The Capris are really comfortable and you can wear them day to day, whether or not you are doing exercise. They're more flattering than normal shapeless leggings because they are figure-hugging. I didn't actually lose any weight over the 7 days (I don't think, my official weigh-in day is tomorrow) but I did lose 1cm all over. Another claim that they make is that you get softer skin - that is definitely true too, but I wonder if the fact that they make you sweat brings moisture to the surface of the skin so that it feels hydrated ? I have to say, overall I'm very impressed.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a pair of Lunaling Capris in order to take part in the 7-day trial and give honest feedback.

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  1. Great review. I lost weight with mine, but then I've a lot more to lose than you so maybe that is why!! I also had a great inch loss too.
    I'm with you on the skin claim - my skin feels much smoother and less dimply too.
    Well done on your fab journey :-)

    Feel free to read mine here> xx

  2. Ive got some of these but am yet to wear them for longer than a day or two a a atime...thanks for this i will defo give the 7 day challenge a go xx

  3. I've always wondered if these were any good - thanks for the review!


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