Friday 26 April 2013

#StIvesBeauty Blogger Challenge

St Ives, famous for their exfoliating scrubs, recently got in touch and asked me to put my photography skills to the test and enter their blogger challenge by capturing an image of natural beauty. They've purposely left it vague so that it's open to interpretation in any way participants see fit.

They explained : "With 100% natural ingredients, St. Ives scrubs are proven to reveal more radiant, healthy looking skin - giving women the confidence to strip back on the amount of make-up they wear and reveal their own natural beauty. With this in mind, we are running a beauty blogger challenge that is all about exploring, capturing and championing natural beauty. The brief is to capture and share an image/vision of natural beauty with us. We’re leaving this fairly open to interpretation so that you can define what natural beauty is to you."

Well, this photo that I snapped of a peacock's tail seemed perfect. I love the "diamond in the rough" aspect with the gorgeous, shimmering, vivid colours contrasting with the insipid bleakness of the forest floor. Every time I look at it, I think it looks photoshopped, but it isn't - those colours are just the way Mother Nature intended !

Keep an eye on what the other participants have sent in as their take on Natural Beauty with the  dedicated #StIvesbeauty hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the #StIvesNaturalBeauty Blogger Challenge.

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