Sunday 21 April 2013

This week's veg box 21/4

This week's fruit & veg box  has some old favourites and one totally new (to me) thing : fresh beetroot. I'm thinking risotto as I know that seems to be bang on trend at the moment (and more importantly tastes nice, from what I've read) but I'll be checking out other recipe ideas online - feel free to share yours !

I also have baby grenaille potatoes (which are already in the oven with garlic and herb seasoning to go with roast pork), some round courgettes (I'll have to try to come up with another new way of filling them !), some broad beans (I think), a lovely big lettuce ...

Some endives (also known as chicory), a cauliflower, some broccoli, a white cabbage, some local boscoop apples and some lovely juicy strawberries.

I'm thinking broc-cauli cheese, coleslaw (maybe with raisins and apple for a bit of a change) and endives with ham in cheese sauce, but I always make those so maybe I should try and get a bit more inventive.

Don't forget to join in with Kirschplunder's Veg Box Challenge or just head over to check out everyone's recipe ideas !

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  1. A nice box. I loved endive boats with blue cheese and walnuts or pine nuts, I have a recipe somewhere on my blog. Beets are lovely in salads (cooked, grated, mixed with the soured cream/yogurt, with nuts and prunes, for example). Or a fresh soup.


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