Tuesday 9 April 2013

Little Grippers Socks review

When I was asked if we'd like to review a pair of socks from Little Grippers, I was intrigued - it was a brand I'd never heard of before so I clicked through to find out more. They promise an end to school socks that fall down, baby socks that go missing or scratch mittens and gloves that never stay on. Having experienced all of those things, I was keen to investigate !

We requested some over-the-knee black school socks in age 14+ because Sophie may only be 11 but she's almost as tall as me and has size 8 feet ! The socks are plain black, nice and soft and have a cute lizard motif on the foot part.

They come up to Sophie's mid-thigh so they're perfect for wearing underneath a skirt or with boots. They remind me a bit of hold-up stockings - I asked Sophie if they were a bit tight at the top but she said they weren't and has been wearing them quite happily.

Little Grippers say that their socks, gloves, mittens and booties are guaranteed to stay on your child's hands and feet far longer than any other product because they incorporate what they call "our revolutionary robotically applied ‘stay on technology’ which is 100% natural, totally hypoallergenic and applied to our products to help them stay in place". It's a natural, adhesive silicon that they say gently adheres to skin, leaving no residue, moving and stretching like a second skin. The website promises that it is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, breathable and dermatologist approved providing no skin irritation. It's just like the slightly rubbery texture at the top of hold-up stockings.

Well, I have to say, it does work. The socks stayed up all day and, although they did leave slight red marks, Sophie said they were really soft and comfortable to wear. I was a bit concerned about how they would cope with being washed but they are machine washable and proven to survive extensive wash and wear tests.

At the moment, the website only has a small selection of products available - 4 colours of baby socks, knee-high or over-the-knee girls' school socks and knee-high or short boys' school socks - but there are more ranges coming soon.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5 for the over-the-knee school socks

for more information : http://www.littlegrippers.co.uk

Disclosure : We received a pair of socks in order to write an honest review.

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