Sunday 7 April 2013

This week's veg box 7/4/13

On to happier things ! This week's fruit & veg box contained : some red onions, a pink grapefruit ("But it's yellow" said a totally confused Juliette !), two big oranges, some Grenaille baby potatoes, some lovely bright red cherry tomatoes on the vine, some green beans, some strawberries, a green pepper and some beans. They look exactly the same as the Paimpol coco beans that I told you about last week, but these ones were labelled as "fèves" which are broad beans.

Now, last week, I had the intention of making a Niçoise salad with the green beans but it didn't happen. I already have half of the baby potatoes roasting in the oven with some chicken but the other half have been put aside for the Niçoise salad, maybe with some of those cherry tomatoes. Although I quite fancy roasting those on the vine - hmmm, decisions decisions ! Ultimately, I think it will be taken out of my hands because those cherry tomatoes will be gobbled up like sweets by the Madhouse Mini-testers before I can do anything with them.

Now, who has a broad bean recipe to share ?

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 5/4


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    1. I love all the bright colours ... and not an E-number in sight !


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