Wednesday 24 April 2013

Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Remover / Urine Eliminator review

Let's start with a simple equation. Three kids + two dogs + one cream coloured armchair = one grubby little secret. I've shown you our armchair before and explained that it spends half of its life hidden under a throw because it is covered in various unidentifiable stains, including (but not limited to) spilt chocolate milk, spilt juice, sticky fingers, dirty dog feet, ... ummm I'm really not sure where the rest of the grime comes from, to be honest !

This time there was also a large blue felt-tip stain to be dealing with.

Do you really want a close up to see how bad it is? Oh go on then, I have no shame !

Luckily Rug Doctor sent us through some cleaning products to put to the test so I decided to throw down the ultimate challenge and tackle that chair.

I sprayed it liberally over all the stains (which basically meant about 3/4 of the chair) and stepped back to look at my handiwork - it actually looked worse than before I'd started ! Undeterred, I rubbed it in with a clean cloth - eeeek the blue felt-tip ink lifted off and spread out to cover an even larger area. Fortunately, with a few more wipes, it came off - phew !

On this photo, you can see that it had faded a lot but has left a slight blue tinge on one area. I was already pretty impressed - I wasn't really expecting it to come out - but I looked the other day and it has faded even more now so unless you really know where to look, you'd never spot it.

I think you'll agree, it's already looking much cleaner and this is before it's totally dried out, so some of the darker-looking patches are damp spots from the product. According to the instructions, you should blot it dry with a paper towel then rinse with water and blot dry again. I wasn't too keen on making the chair even wetter so I didn't bother with rinsing it off, but you should be careful if you're dealing with coloured textiles.

I think you'll agree, it's looking much cleaner than before !

Rug Doctor say that their Spot & Stain Remover will remove: Butter/Margarine, Chocolate, Coffee, Cocktails, Cough Syrup, Curry, Food Colouring, Fruit Juice & Berries, Gravy, Ice Cream, Jam, Ketchup, Olive Oil, Red Juice, Red Wine, Salad Dressing, Soft Drinks, Tea, Tomato sauce, Vegetable Oil, White Wine, Crayon, Dirt/ Mud, Clay, Grass, Ink, Mildew, Motor Grease, Motor Oil, Paint (Water based), Permanent marker, Shoe Polish, Soot, Toothpaste, Water Colours, Lipstick, Make Up. I'm not sure how many of those I just tested but I can certainly add felt-tip pen to the list.

They also sent us through a second product to test - their Urine Eliminator, which is designed to remove acid-based stains and odours such as Urine, Faeces, Vomit, Blood, Perspiration and Beer. (Beer didn't seem to go with the rest of the list, but it could be the cause of them, I suppose !) The instructions say : 1. Remove any solids or excess liquids. 2. Turn nozzle and generously spray area. If using for urine or other penetrating types of stains, be sure to thoroughly wet area allowing product to reach backing and pad. Do not blot or wipe - enzymes need moisture to work. 3. Place a damp colour-safe towel over the treated area and let dry naturally. In most cases it's best to allow area to remain moist for 24-hours. Highly contaminated areas may require a second application. 4. Once dry, if discolouration remains, simply dampen with water and blot.

I haven't had much of a chance to try this one out - the girls haven't had a nosebleed for ages and I'm pleased to say, I haven't had any sick to clean up recently ! I did spray it over an area on the patio where the dogs often wee and which has a lingering smell and it did sort that out but I haven't had a chance to try it on carpet or textiles. 

Judging by how clean my armchair came up with the first product, I'm sure it would be very effective though so if you've got young kids (especially those in the midst of potty-training) and/or pets, it would be a great product to have at hand just in case !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Spot & Stain Remover £4.49 for 500ml, Urine Eliminator  £5.49 for 500ml

for more information :

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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