Saturday 13 April 2013

Kids' app review : Fireman Sam Fire & Rescue

Hot on the heels of the fabulous new Peppa Pig Peppa's Holiday app that we reviewed last week, Pierre was over the moon to receive another great app to review featuring another one of his TV heroes - Fireman Sam. He already has a Fireman Sam Junior Cadet app that he still plays with, despite having it for a year - click through to read our review of that one - so he was really excited about getting a new one, especially as it is created by the same people (namely P2 Games in conjunction with HIT Entertainment).

The new app offers five mini games as well as bonus features including videos and a sticker book (with stickers won in the games), all featuring the Pontypandy Fire Crew going out on heroic rescues, action-packed emergencies and important training. There is a single or multi-player mode available.

The mini games are :

Mountain Adventure – Some of the villagers are stuck on a mountain ledge near The Mountain Activity Centre. Use the helicopter to lift everyone to safety!

Neptune’s Mission – Part of the jetty has dislodged and some villagers have fallen into the water. Use Neptune to bring the villagers safely back to shore.

Fire Engine Rescue –Rescue the people of Pontypandy and put out the fires as quickly as you can.

Connect the Hose – Jupiter’s hose needs to be mended. Help Fireman Sam connect the correct pieces to get the water flowing. (Pierre just cannot get to grips with this one for some reason - he always asks me or one of his sisters to do it for him !)

Quad Bike Training – Join Fireman Sam on a training exercise to learn how to use the new Quad Bike. Avoid obstacles and complete the training course as quickly as you can.

The app has both ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ level settings so little players can enjoy with or without parental assistance. At the moment, Pierre is playing all of the games on the easiest setting, so it's good to know that he can start all over again on the harder level when he starts getting bored or finding it too easy.

The Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue app is available on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod touch. It costs £2.99 which is actually very reasonable for such a lot of content. It's kept Pierre amused for hours and even his big sisters go and play on it when they think I'm not looking !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99

Disclosure : We received a review code in order to write an honest review.

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