Wednesday 24 April 2013

Moxie Girlz Twinkle Bright Fairies review

Moxie Girlz have some lovely new additions to their every growing collection of dolls which are bound to appeal to any little girl. Firstly, Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets (RRP £22.99) come with their very own poopy mystical pets ! : Avery has a pet Koala who poops jewels, Lexa has a pet bunny who poops glittered gems and Kellan has a pet unicorn who has rainbow poop ! Knowing how excited the Madhouse Mini-testers got about a chocolate raisin-pooping reindeer at Christmas, I can imagine how well these would go down, and not just with little girls !

In another new range, the Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Mermaids (RRP £24.99) magically come to life and swim by themselves when placed in water and also have a funky colour changing tail when placed in warm water.

The Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Colour Studio (RRP £24.99) allows girls to express themselves by creating fun and colourful hairstyles on their doll using the fabulous colouring tool, colourful extensions, glitter gel and hair pastels. (They can even use the extensions, glitter gel and pastels in their own hair too!)

But the one that we were sent to review, and which had Juliette oohing and aahing as soon as she saw it in the box, was one of the Moxie Girlz Twinkle Bright Fairies.

We received Lexa with the lovely pink hair, which Juliette was very pleased about. The dolls have fairy wings that flutter and a butterfly hair decoration that lights up. I tried taking photos to show this off to its best advantage and totally failed, so the best thing is to watch this little video instead.

Juliette loved everything about the doll, from the funky tutu and pink hair to the wings and butterfly. She was also very pleased to discover that the doll has poseable legs, so she can sit her on her bedroom shelf where she can see her every morning when she wakes up.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

Disclosure : We received a Twinkle Bright Fairy in order to write an honest review.

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  1. these look fab. i didnt have toys like this when i was a child!

  2. I love these, my little girl is fairy crazy!


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