Tuesday 30 April 2013

Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta with Discovery

May seems to be a great month for bank holidays wherever you are in the world. The Brits are looking forward to two bank holidays on 6th and 27th May, while the French take the biscuit with FOUR public holidays in May: the 1st May (Labour Day), the 8th May (commemorating the end of World War II), the 9th May (Ascension Thursday) and the 20th May (Whit Monday). Plus they have that great tradition of "faire le pont" - if a bank holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, they add in the extra day to make a long weekend of it so the 11th is an unofficial public holiday too, making a 5 day weekend - beat that ! Well, even in America and Mexico, it's time to celebrate too with Cinco de Mayo - the fifth of May - coming around again.

To help us get in fiesta mood, Discovery sent us through a fabulous selection of Mexican themed products to spice things up in the kitchen. They sent through a Mexican BBQ Perfect Fajita Kit, some Fajita Sauce, Green Jalapeno Relish, Salsa and Soured Cream - everything we needed for a proper Mexican feast.

I always love packing in loads of sneaky veggies when we have fajitas because the Madhouse Mini-testers always eat loads without even thinking about it ! I added red and green peppers, onions and mushrooms to the chicken, did half with the fajita spices and half without, and also put a bowl of chopped cherry tomatoes, guacamole and sweetcorn on the table. It's always really colourful with all the different bowls on the table so that, added to the fun factor of eating with your fingers, always means that fajitas go down well with the kids.

Rolling, rolling, rolling ... Though the wraps are swollen ... Keep them fajitas rolling ...  Rawhide !

One happy fajita-muncher ...

Two happy fajita munchers ...

Three happy fajita munchers !

And if you're wondering what that Green Jalapeno Relish is like, you can read my review here. It's not actually anywhere near as spicy as I was expecting so don't be put off !

If you want to get the kids involved with the Cinco De Mayo celebrations, Discovery have some fab Mexican themed activities on their website, including a wordsearch, spot the difference, colour-in placemats and make-your-own pinata !

Happy Cinco de Mayo !

for more information : http://www.discoveryfoods.co.uk/

Disclosure : I received a selection of Discovery products to cook up a Mexican feast for Cinco de Mayo.

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  1. I got the same selection, and was also worried about the relish. I actually used it the other day when cooking the side dish of leeks and apples, really liked it.

  2. This dish looks so delicious. I want to try it now.


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