Saturday 26 October 2013

Recipe : Hairy Bikers' Meat & Cabbage Buns (Bierocks) #TeaTimeTreats

Last week, when menu-planning, I went thumbing through my trusty Hairy Bakers' Big Book of Baking for inspiration. I just happened to have half a white cabbage in the bottom of the fridge that needed using up, so their recipe for Bierocks - Eastern European Meat & Cabbage Buns - leapt out at me. You can see the recipe online on the BBC Food website.

First, I chopped up the white cabbage while frying the mince and onions, then added it with the spices.

It tasted lovely but I worried about it being slightly dry, so I added in a tin of baked beans to give it some moisture. Probably not very Eastern European but it worked !

I've made pies and pasties before using all sorts of pastry - puff, shortcrust and filo - but I'd never thought of using bread dough to encase a filling before.

I had 1/3 bag of sunflower seed bread mix from a previous project (I need half a bag to throw it in the bread machine so this one has been hanging about for a while feeling unloved !). This was the perfect way to use it up.

After rolling it out, you just spoon some filling into the middle then roll it up and stick the edges together with a little water.

Turn them over and put them on a baking sheet in the oven.

They remain perfectly sealed, which surprised me, and taste lovely. They can be eaten warm or cold the next day so they're perfect for packed lunches and picnics. 

The Madhouse Mini Testers quite rightly said that they are just like (and I quote !) "a nicer version" of McCain Buns that you can find in French supermarkets. They've asked me to make them again, which I will definitely do, but I also want to experiment with different fillings. I think mozzarella would work really well, but most things would really - I might have to cheat and see what McCain have come up with !

Tea Time Treats

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  1. Am I having some sort of deja vu thingy right now or did someone else did add that recipe before to Bloggers Around the World. Ah, whatever, it's a lovely thing.


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