Friday 25 October 2013

3-in-1 Ariel Pods review

With three kids in the house, I seem to spend half of my life doing the laundry - and that's without ironing ! Washing, drying and folding is plenty to be dealing with, thank you ! I was therefore really pleased to be invited to join in Savvy Circle's 3-in-1 Ariel Pods campaign.

When they arrived, my initial reaction was "ooh they're really pretty!". Not my usual reaction when I open my regular laundry detergent ! They actually look quite space age, with their three different coloured compartments and their slightly gooey, sticky feel ! They're really convenient to use - you just throw one in the washing machine drum before you put in the dirty clothes. Couldn't be simpler. (Unless you keep forgetting to put them in first, like I often do, and then have to delve in up to your elbow to get it to the bottom of the load !)

But on to the all important test. Would they get my clothes clean? Well, yes, they did - even managing to get rid of felt pen stains and green paint from our recent wooden spoon monster crafting session !  Each pod contains concentrated doses of three products, aimed to Clean, Lift Stains and Brighten and I was convinced by this aspect.

The only very slight negative point is that because of their "solid" format, you tend to treat them as totally safe products and are less likely to keep them well out of the reach of children, as you would with liquid products or bleach. I did see one blogger explaining that her little girl had got hold of them, popped one and got the product in her eye, which does make you think about the dangers lurking in your home without you realising it. The pods should be kept well out of the reach of little fingers, as with all cleaning products, and this is clearly marked on the box.

As long as you're careeful about where you store them, I can't actually find anything bad to say about them though.

star rating : 4.5/5

Disclosure : Savvy Circle sent me the product and samples/vouchers to hand out, in order to spread the word about the new product and collect feedback.

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  1. Did you wash the clothes with stains at 30C ? I also took part in the trial and both myself and a few friends found that they weren't very good at removing stains unless we increased the temperature.

    1. No, I used 40° which is what I always use. It got my loads clean, although it was all just general washing, nothing really difficult to get rid of, apart from the felt tip pens and green paint, which were both labelled as washable. What stains did you have trouble with?


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