Saturday 19 October 2013

Ralph the Dog Scotch Magic Tape dispenser review

I've already shown you pictures of Vicky and Didou, the Madhouse pooches, but for the past couple of weeks, we've had a new doggie in the house - Ralph the Dog Scotch Magic Tape dispenser ! 

It easily pulls apart so that you can insert a roll of tape - there is one already installed but you'll need to open it up to find the end and pull it through to the bone, which holds the serrated edge for cutting the tape - then it simply snaps back together again.

He certainly looks a lot cuter and more appealing than our usual tape dispenser (which is a clunky bashed-up one that Madhouse Daddy acquired from his old office before they moved to shiny new premises - presumably with a shiny new tape dispenser!). He's not just a pretty face though - it's a really convenient way of not losing the end of the tape and, if you need lots of little bits of tape, the red bowl is ideal for sticky them on while you wait (rather than using the edge of the table and peeling the varnish off with the tape, as my mum used to do every single Christmas !).

Speaking of Christmas, Ralph is going to be my ally when it comes to wrapping all the presents. Not only is he a really convenient way of not tying myself up in (sticky) knots, he's also guaranteed to put a smile on my face when I start getting tired of all the wrapping !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £8.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. That's pretty darn amazing! We have a problem in our household with the dispensers going missing, surely something like this will be a lot harder to lose! We're going to have to get one before crimbo, heck, I could do with one now as I have a surprise present for my partner but I need to wrap it before he comes back from work!

    Sharon x

  2. This looks lush - a must have for Christmas pressie wrapping!


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