Saturday 19 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge #4 : Globe-wrapping

Another week means another series of activities for Mission Deli Wraps Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge. I always have to suppress a silly grin when the weekly email pops into my inbox, wondering what new crazy tasks they will have dreamed up for us this time ! I was over the moon to win one of the prizes last week (a lovely new camera) so I'll have to pull all the stops out this week !

Here are this week's missions :

1) Theme your lunch on a different country each day for a week. For inspiration, check out our facebook page for some of our new recipes themed around the different exotic destinations you can win as part of our Lunch Less Ordinary Promotion.

2) Put unusual flavours together in a wrap and get the kids to eat them blindfolded. They need to guess what the weird but it works flavours are. Best of 3 ‘what’s that wrap’ wins! And whatever their favourite is goes in Monday’s lunchbox. Yum!

3) Make a wrap based on your favourite book or film – e.g. The Italian Job – Green Rocket, White Mozzarella and Red Tomatoes

4) Can you make a ‘free lunch’? We’ll send you some wraps as a starting point and then ask friends and family to donate one item each and see what you can create – the weirder the better! ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’

The first challenge immediately appealed to me so I started thinking about different exotic cuisines that we could easily incorporate into our lunches. Here's what I came up with :

Monday - Eastern Europe 

I made some Bierocks, which are meat and cabbage-filled buns, using a Hairy Bikers' recipe that I'll be telling you about next week. I decided to use up the leftover filling in a wrap which was actually really nice, served with some pickles to give it a nice acidic bite.

Tuesday - Mexico

The kids begged to have fajitas so I whipped up some guacamole and tomato salsa, cooked some chicken with fajita spices, red and green peppers and onions, put some grated cheese, sweetcorn and salad in bowls and put everything on the table so everyone could make their own fajita.

Wednesday - Vietnam

On to a different style of wrapping - we decided to have another go at making the Saigon Summer Rolls that the kids loved making (and eating) a few months ago. We used up the last of our rice paper wraps but decided that, as they are hard to get hold of, we'll try these using regular Mission Deli Wraps next time. I'm sure they'll taste just as good and they'll be much less fiddly to put together !

Thursday - England

You must have heard of a Bacon and Egg McMuffin. Well, that was the inspiration for our full English breakfast-inspired Bacon and Egg MadWrap ! Two rashers of bacon, a few mushrooms, a fried egg and a blob of ketchup in a wrap. Juliette's face says it all - seriously yum !

Friday - Japan

Ahem. These Sand-wushi (half sandwich, half sushi) are about as far from traditional Japanese cuisine as you could get, but Japan was the inspiration behind them ! And they never fail to make the kids smile so that's good enough for me !

Saturday - Lebanon (and Greece)

When is a wrap not a wrap? When it's a pizza ! We made these Spiced Lamb Flatbread Pizzas using square flatbread last time. Today, for lunch, we'll be doing the same again but making round ones with Mission Deli Wraps as a base. They just need to be topped with spicy mince and onions (with some pomegranate molasses mixed in, if you want to follow the authentic Lebanese recipe) and some slices of feta on top, to add a little flavour of Greece to the mix ! Speaking of Greece, a juicy Greek salad with olives, tomatoes and feta, is the perfect accompaniment to this dish.


Sorry Mission Deli Wraps - however much we love your wraps, I'm not giving up my Sunday roast in favour of a wrap ! We may well use up the leftovers in a wrap if there are any though !

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - find out more at I'll be receiving some wraps and am in the running to win some fab prizes.

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  1. These are fab recipes, I am really intrgued by the bierocks and the Vietnamese wraps

    1. The Bierocks recipe will be online next week - the Vietnamese one is there already if you click through. The "pickled carrot" is lovely and really quick to make too 'despite what its name suggests !)


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