Tuesday 22 October 2013

Mr Tumble Something Special Toys review

You may remember last month, something special was going on at The Madhouse - a Something Special party to tie in with an online twitter party run by UKMumsTV. The idea was to showcase the range of Mr Tumble toys and we had great fun making Mr Tumble party food and playing party games. Looking after a bunch of 4-8 year olds is hectic enough as it is without trying to keep on top of tweets, so I didn't really get much of a chance to tell you about the toys. We've had plenty of time to have a proper play with them since, so here's what we think of them.

The party box contained a selection of toys, some to keep and some to give away as prizes. There were a trio of soft and cuddly Mr Tumbles. The Extra Large Cuddly Mr Tumble has lots of interesting textures for tiny fingers to investigate as well as Velcro fasteners that make a satisfying rrriiippp sound on the waistcoat and shoes. The medium-sized Mr Tumble is labelled as an interactive toy - if you push his hand, he says six different phrases and he has one squeaky foot and one rustling foot, as well as the velcro on his shoes and waistcoat again. His nose area also lights up with a glowing red light, which could be reassuring at bedtime. The smaller Talking Soft Toy says eight phrases when you squeeze his tummy

Very cute and also very well behaved in bed !

We also discovered a chunky wooden puzzle featuring a scene at Aunt Polly's Tea Party. All the kids at the party found it easy to complete - the little pegs make the pieces easy for little fingers to grab hold of.

I thought it was also very clever that the pegs are different colours so that you can use the coloured dots in the tray to help find the right pieces, if you need a little extra guidance. 

Here you can see Pierre demonstrating not just the puzzle but also Mr Tumble's spotty bag. At the party, this was used for a "what's in the bag?" guessing game, but its main appeal seems to be just wearing it as a bag for transporting treasures around. It has a Velcro fastening and the blue strap is adjustable.

The surprise unanimous top pick at the party was the Dress Up Mr Tumble Stick On Felt game. If you remember Fuzzy Felts, it's exactly the same idea.

The youngest party guests had great fun but I was surprised to see that even the 8-year-olds enjoyed playing too.

There are 29 felt pieces in the set and I bet you can all guess which item had everyone giggling - the spotty underpants (which have been put on his head here !). Never underestimate how much hilarity can be provoked by a tiny felt pair of spotty underpants - it was amazing !

I reviewed some of the other toys from the range last year, so you might like to have a look at that review too. If you have a Something Special/Mr Tumble fan, these are absolutely perfect as stocking fillers.

Disclosure : As party hosts, we received a box full of party supplies, as well as toys from the Something Special range, some of which were given away as prizes and some of which we got to keep.

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