Thursday 31 October 2013

Get Crafty for Charity !

I'm always highly impressed by the crafty projects that most of you (I'm talking about the bloggers, I'm not a stalker !) seem to get up to with your kids, so this should appeal to you crafty types.

Cuticura are running a Crafty Confessions campaign over on their Facebook page. A new study shows that half of UK mums admit to being more enthusiastic about school arts & craft projects than their kids and  some even admit to staying up all night to finish a project, trying to bribe teachers and sabotage the competition in order to win first prize!

Lorraine Thomas, Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy and author of ‘The Mummy Coach’ knows just how important it is to encourage kids to get crafting. She says:

“Children love getting their hands dirty and take to all kinds of art and craft activities with relish. They’re great for their development – getting hands around a crayon, grappling with a paintbrush and experimenting with colour and materials will expand their imagination and develop motor skills. It will boost confidence and concentration. All children are artists and they use all their senses. You’ll see them smelling, touching, seeing, squeezing. You’ll see them become increasingly imaginative, demonstrating creative problem-solving skills. Art is a very positive channel for your child’s energy and enthusiasm”

Cuticura are encouraging parents to get crafting with their kids – perfect timing with Halloween and half term upon us! If you post your crafty pictures and share your crafty confessions on Cuticura’s Facebook page, they’ll donate £1 to the Prince's Foundation For Children and The Arts.

I don't really have any Crafty Confessions to share. I do occasionally help the kids colour in their pictures for school when they get bored and don't want to finish them, and I did use to get my mum (who is a much better artist than me) to draw my pictures when I was at school, but I'm not at all competitive with the other mums and don't push the Madhouse kids to be the best. I like the idea of making a charity donation though so I'll head on over and share this picture of one of their craft projects.

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