Sunday 20 October 2013

This week's must-try recipes 20/10

There's a definite Halloween-theme going on in this week's round up. I can see us having great fun making some of these this week ! Lovely warming comfort food recipes also seem to be leaping out at me at the moment. So without further ado, here are the tasty dishes that have caught my eye in the blogosphere this week.

These utterly fabulous but oh-so-simple ChoBOOni Ghost Pops are a definite half-term project for The Madhouse (as are many of the other recipes on the brilliant kid-friendly Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons blog - have a look, you'll love it !)

Another fun Halloween project that is simple but very clever - Frankenstein Head Pancakes ! The Joys Of Boys blog looks like another great source of kid-friendly kitchen projects so I've bookmarked this one too :)

Lilinha's Apple & Blackberry Brioche Galette had me licking the screen (almost !)

Belleau Kitchen's No Tears French Onion Soup looks like a great twist on our usual recipe - yum !

Jo's Lamb Keema Curry at Given To Distracting Others looks like fab comfort food for the colder months too.

Madhouse Daddy loves macaroons and Claire over at Ninja Killer Cat makes them look easy so I may have to have a go at these.

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Madhouse recipe : Pomegranate Cupcakes


  1. thanks for including me this week, how lovely to be in such fab company xx

  2. Ooh thank you off to look at the others.

  3. What a lovely selection, I will be checking them out - thanks for including us! :) x

  4. now I have the munchies! *goes off to search the fridge*


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