Wednesday 16 October 2013

Hairy Bikers' Layered Hungarian Casserole recipe

Last week while menu-planning, I was on a search for substantial comfort food - warming dishes to beat the chill, the wind and the rain and put a smile on everyone's faces - so I turned again to the Hairy Bikers' Big Book of Baking. Despite the rather exotic name, I was impressed to see that I had everything I needed in the fridge and the cupboard to recreate the Layered Hungarian Casserole. (The recipe is online here.)

First, I peeled and boiled some potatoes and put them to one side to cool.

Ditto for some eggs - apart from the peeling, which came later ! We've been getting freshly laid eggs from one of Madhouse Daddy's work colleagues which have a much more pronounced taste and a much yellower yolk to the supermarket ones.

Meanwhile, I sorted out the spicy cream. I used fat-free Quark instead of soured cream and mixed in lots of smoked paprika and some freshly ground salt and pepper.

I used mild chorizo as it was what we had in the fridge.

Time to cook the bacon - I added some chopped onions to the original recipe, just because I put them in pretty much everything I cook for added flavour. After a few minutes, I added the chorizo too.

Then it all needs layering, just like lasagne. Potatoes, then egg, then the bacon/chorizo/onions mixture, then the spicy cream, then start again from the beginning.

You are supposed to finish with a layer of sausage/bacon then cream but I ran out and still had extra potatoes, so I finished off with an extra layer of those instead.

Sophie said it was like a full English breakfast because it's got bacon and eggs in it ! It's a hearty warming dish that has a great combination of flavours and textures. I'll add more cream next time though, to make it even more indulgent. I also think it would be lovely with some cheese sprinkled on top.

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  1. This looks delishious. I love the Hairy Bikers...must invest in the book :)

  2. YUM! This looks and sounds amazing!


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