Thursday 17 October 2013

Carousel Calendars & Household Planners review

Whenever I come online these days, it seems that everyone is talking about Christmas already. I can't complain, I've even started doing it myself ! If it's not counting down the number of days left until the man in red pays a visit, it's spotting things that would make great stocking fillers or gift ideas. The Toys R Us Christmas catalogue arrived at The Madhouse today and the Madhouse Mini-testers have been going through ringing around all the things that they'd like us to buy ! Toys and Christmas decorations aren't the only important end of year purchases though. It's time to look forward to next year and start choosing calendars and organisers.

Sophie has already bought (and excitedly hung up !) a brand new One Direction calendar but I hadn't got as organised yet. It was therefore perfect timing when Carousel Calendars got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out some of their products. They generously said I could choose three - that's perfect as I have one for the kitchen (for family stuff), one for the bedroom (for bloggy/work stuff) and one for my classroom (for teacher stuff).

They have such a wide selection of styles that the only difficult thing was picking which ones I wanted. In the end I went for :

A Super Mum Family Organiser (RRP £9.99). I buy something similar every year because with three kids, a full time job and a blog to keep on top of, I need lots of space to write everything down ! This one has enough space for 5 family members which is absolutely perfect for us. It also has space for to do lists, which is really handy, and contact info. It covers 16 months so you can buy one early and start planning well in advance for the year ahead. This is a huge plus point if you have kids in school because you can fill in school events for the entire coming school year as soon as the kids go back, without waiting for the new year's calendar in January.

A Where's Wally Deluxe Planner (RRP £10.99) that combines loads of space for writing down important dates and activities with those inimitable and totally addictive "Can you find ...?" pictures. As Madhouse Daddy pointed out (with a slight pout), this is a good choice for dads who don't seem to get the "Super Dad" option !

I decided to go for something a bit different for my desk at work and chose a page-per-day desk diary called On This Day (RRP £9.99). It gives me the wonderful satisfaction of ripping off a page at the end of every day ! It also gives me an interesting piece of trivia every day to impress my colleagues with at lunch break !

Those were just my top picks though - they literally have something for everyone. Browsing through, I spotted everything from cute kittens and beautiful landscapes to hunky firemen, knitters' tips to sexual position of the day and everything in between !

If I've fired up your curiosity, don't go away - I'll be back in just a second with a giveaway (yes, another one !) where you can win your choice of three family planners.

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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