Thursday 24 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge #6 : Places with Food-related Names

We've been having so much fun completing the Mission Deli Wraps Lunch Less Ordinary challenges that I'm sad to say, this is the final week. But they've come up with some really challenging tasks to finish off (or finish us off?!). Here are this week's missions :


1) For the artistic lunchers out there, create the most artistic lunch you can using only wraps and filling – the bigger the better! Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or an Elephant we want to see it all! #wrapart

2) Inspired by one of our Facebook fans -take £5 for the week to buy the essentials and we’ll send the wraps and you must complete the Storecupboard challenge – using up whatever you’ve got left in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to make your meals for the week.

3) Tricky challenge of the week! Find and visit as many places as you can with food-related names that can be made into wraps and help us create a WrapMap! E.g. Cheddar Gorge

4) Tick something off your bucket list! We want to see you go out and do something unusual – remember to take a packed lunch of wraps with you (let us know if you need any more!)

Well, the one that instantly piqued my interest was the one about places with food-related names. I could think of lots of places - Leek, Cheddar, Eccles (for their cakes), Caerphilly (another cheesy one), Kendal (for its mint cakes), Pontefract, Melton Mowbray (home of pork pies), Chelsea (buns), Cumberland (sausages), Lancashire (hot pot) ... Get the idea? But there is a distinct lack of anything in the south-east.

Time to get my thinking cap on and I was actually amazed at how many food-named places exist out there. For the challenge, we were supposed to visit them too but as I don't drive and I also have a full-time job, virtual visiting is the best I can do !

First up, and very apt for a challenge hosted by Mission Deli Wraps - Sandwich. Another one that I'd vaguely heard of is Ham but I didn't realise until I went to check that it is just outside Sandwich and that therefore, you get both foodie-towns on the same signposts. How cool is this ?!

Next, I discovered the existence of Bean, a town just outside of Dartford in Kent. If ever you're heading to Bluewater shopping mall, it's just down the road, if you fancy a visit. Beans and ham - sounds like a nice wrap so far !

Not too far away, at the mouth of the Thames in the Medway, close to Rochester, is the Isle of Grain. There's not much to see though, apart from a big power station and marshland that is popular with birdspotters !

The next one appealed to my inner chocaholic - Ripple, near Deal. I wonder if that's where the chocolate bar got its name from !

I'd rather eat chocolate than this next one - Boar's Head. It has some very pretty oasthouses though. I wonder if people really did eat boar's heads way back in the past !

I also discovered the existence of Appledore, Cheeseman's Green, Sole Street, Chipstead, Saltwood, Chestnut Street, Nutley and Peasmarsh.

If all this has made you hungry, you might like to partake in this last one, with a wrap of course. Chuck Hatch sounds like a slang expression for eating ! It's in the Ashdown Forest, if you want to call in.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - find out more at I received some wraps and am in the running to win some fab prizes.

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  1. love ham sandwich! A slight cheat but love it

    1. I have another non-cheating entry coming up this morning ! xx


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