Saturday 26 October 2013

How to get the ‘Zombie’ look this Halloween!

To celebrate the release of their new game Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! for iPad, the creators Big Fish have put together this guide for any would-be zombies this Halloween. If your little ones are expecting you to become a make-up artist extraordinaire for going out trick or treating, it might come in handy. I've been reading it through and making mental notes !


Getting the look…

First, prepare your skin by cleaning and moisturising.

Create the base. Apply a foundation that is either three shades lighter than your natural skin tone or use a white make-up. This will help give you that cold, dead look. Do not apply the foundation too evenly or thick – unless you want to look like a vampire or a clown! Use either a natural sea sponge or a cheap make-up sponge and pick pieces out to create a destroyed surface by dabbing the make-up around your face. The look you’re going for is blotchy.

Don’t forget to apply the same foundation to your lips and any other skin that is showing - your ears, neck and hands.

Using a purple or light blue eyeliner pencil, draw on some veins around your eyes cheeks and forehead.
Reapply a layer of foundation on top of the veins to wash them out a bit.

Shade the hollows of your cheeks, eye sockets, temples, and under your chin. Use a black matte powder and a large dome blending brush. This creates a gaunt look.

Using a green shade to add to the depth of your look. Apply with another soft dome brush. Concentrate the colour to the outside of your face and around your mouth, including on your lips. Just like your foundation, the application should not be even.

Now it’s time to add the blood! Use a splatter effect to apply fake blood around your mouth or dip a large sponge in fake blood and take a “bite” into the sponge. Where it is heavy, let it drip and don’t smear the blood.

For the ultimate finish you can add white contacts, stringy dirty hair, dirty looking nails, and torn bloody clothes.

Getting the walk…

Move slowly... Your muscles have wasted... and you have lost your coordination... shuffle and don’t walk in a straight line.

Your neck is broken, so let your head loll from side to side with your movements, and keep your head down rather than up.

Have a limp and drag one of your legs behind you, if you put one shoe on the end of your feet and wear thick socks you can create the illusion that your ankle has snapped – but remember to wear long trousers for this effect to truly work!

Let your hands and arms hang loosely from your sides, when you move them do so slowly as you must remember that you don’t have much muscle power left in your arms!

For extra inspiration and to get you into the spirit this Halloween, download Big Fish’s new Free-to-play game Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! available on iPad. Get ready to think quick, shoot quicker, and fight for your life against endless waves of un-dead with an arsenal of weaponry and zombie blasting power-ups.

Happy Halloween!

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