Wednesday 23 October 2013

Do you get "snackered" at work?!

Since I've been trying to lose weight, I've made a conscious effort to make sure I have plenty of healthy snack options - mainly fruit - available at all times. When you're hungry, it's easy to reach for a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps and hoover up a few hundred calories without even thinking about it. Popchips have carried out some interesting research that shows we are a nation of ‘snackered’ workers with energy slumps leading to inappropriate office behaviour! Do you recognise yourself here ?!


We are a nation of ‘snackered’ workers with the average worker reaching for the snack cupboard at least twice a day to keep them going. ‘Snackered’ workers are tucking into a pick-me-up at 11.30am – and again by 3pm, a popchips study recently revealed. Over three quarters of Brits agree that a snack helps to boost energy levels.

The survey of 2,000 British office workers, commissioned by snack brand popchips, found that while 72 per cent of office workers start the day full of energy, it rapidly disappears as the day progresses with many grabbing their first snack at 11.30am. By mid-afternoon, respondents admitted suffering another energy slump, causing them to reach for a second snack at around 2.55pm.

The Popchips survey revealed that a lack of energy or need for a snack can lead to inappropriate office behaviour. Over a third said they ignore people when faced with an energy slump, while twenty eight per cent of workers admitted they are likely to lash out at colleagues or even their boss. Almost half said they are likely to avoid doing work all together. Brits revealed that when tired or hungry, they will natter to colleagues or procrastinate on social media and shopping sites, rather than complete their work.

Worse still, one in ten sneaky employees admitted that when previously experiencing an energy slump, they have faked an illness so they can go home early.

Dr. Sandra Scott, a spokesman for Popchips, said: “When we lack energy, it can be difficult to concentrate. If this happens when you are at work, it can affect your performance and potentially land you in trouble with your boss!  Realistically,  there is not always time to leave your desk to grab a meal. At these times, a well-placed snack can be exactly what you need. It can provide a quick boost to your energy levels so you can get back to focusing on your work and not on your rumbling stomach!"

As for snacking, it’s a minefield when it comes to office etiquette. For the 72 per cent of employees who sit at their desks snacking, they run the risk of committing a snacking faux pas. Fifty five per cent of Brits agreed that eating smelly food is the number one bad habit, closely followed by noisy eaters (40 per cent).

Brits also admitted to being protective of their food. Seventeen per cent revealed that when offering to share their snack with colleagues, they hope no one says yes. A further 20 per cent agreed they eat snacks quickly before anyone realises what they are doing. While six per cent choose to hide and snack privately in the bathroom or toilet !

Will Bowler, General Manager for Popchips added, ‘’Thanks to the magic of potato popping, Popchips are the perfect guilt-free healthier snack option. You won’t have to compromise on great taste with Popchips so we can’t blame snackers if they don’t want to share with colleagues!”

Top tips for avoiding the snackered slump

1. Be prepared. Have snacks ready for when energy slumps hit.
2. Check the small print. Look for snacks that won’t blow your daily calorie intake. At less than 100 calories a pack Popchips are an ideal snackered treat!
3. Get moving. Keep your snacks away from your desk so you go for a walk to pick them up. A quick break from the computer can do wonders!
4. Snack tasty. Keep healthy yummy snacks accessible. If you deny yourself your favourite snacks, you’ll just end up craving them and over-doing it. Try popcorn, a small packet of nuts and raisins, Popchips, olives, a handful of almonds or frozen tubes of fromage-frais.

Created in California and now popping in the UK, Popchips are a naturally delicious line of popped potato chips. Never fried. Never baked. Popchips are popped with heat and pressure for a snack so crispy and delicious you won’t even notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. 

RRP from 69p for single serve and £2.00 for a share bag.

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Disclosure : Popchips offered to send me a basket of Popchips to try but I was under no obligation to blog about their research. They're nice like that !

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