Sunday 1 February 2015

2015 Galaxy Quick Reads review

When I was in my twenties, my idea of the perfect evening would be a trip to the pub with my mates followed by a night out on the town dancing our socks off in a sweaty club. Fast forward a couple of decades and three kids and my priorities have changed somewhat - I like nothing better now than snuggling up under the covers with a great book. I'm a total bookworm and have managed to complete the reading challenge that I set myself for the past 2 years to read 52 books in a year. That works out as one a week but I tend to read loads more in August when we're on holiday to keep me on target !

If you're shaking your head thinking that you barely have the time or energy to read the newspaper, let alone a novel, help is at hand in the shape of Galaxy Quick Reads. In fact, the whole Quick Reads initiative was launched to help the country’s one in six adults of working age who have difficulty reading, as well as the one in three adults who do not read for pleasure. They are bite-sized books written by best-selling authors which cost only £1. They are available from bookshops, supermarkets and online or can be borrowed from libraries across the country. They are also available as eBooks across all major eBook platforms.

I knew all about Galaxy Quick Reads but I must admit, I'd never made the connection with Galaxy chocolate until I received a bar of my ultimate naughty me-time treat, along with a couple of the titles. I received Fanny Blake's Red For Revenge and Jojo Moyes Paris For Two One, both of which were great (and quick) easy reads.

2015 will see another bumper crop of well known and much loved writing talent join the Quick Reads authors before them. This year’s participating authors are Roddy Doyle, Jojo Moyes, Sophie Hannah, Fanny Blake, Adèle Geras and James Bowen. Between them, their Quick Reads titles cover a range of different themes from a holiday romance to a true story based on a homeless man and his cat. There is something for everyone, whatever kind of books you like reading (or would like reading if you had time). 

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Disclosure : I received some books and a gorgeous bar of Galaxy chocolate !

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