Wednesday 25 February 2015

Pierre tries out Tesco Chocolate Brownie Mix

My little superhero loves baking ... and eating whatever sweet treats he has created ! He's now a dab hand at mixing, pouring and even cracking eggs, but I still have to help him with measuring and weighing so if he wants to feel really independent, ready-to-use baking mixes are great. We decided to try out Tesco Chocolate Brownie Mix which only needs 4 tablespoons of water to be added.

After emptying the bag into a bowl and adding the water, Pierre got mixing.

It actually seemed very dry so I added an extra spoonful of water to be on the safe side. I was impressed to see real chocolate chips in there though.

I decided to use a silicon pie dish so it would be easy to get out at the end. Pierre greased it with a little olive oil on a piece of kitchen paper.

After pressing it into the dish, Pierre happily licked the bowl !

After about 20 minutes, it was ready - it smelt delicious. It broke into a few pieces as I took it out of the tin but that didn't matter as I was about to cut it up anyway. In the end, Pierre broke it up with his hands, to avoid using a sharp knife.

The brownies are lovely and gooey with a rich chocolatey taste but they were very flat so next time, I think I'd add a bit of baking powder to the mix.

The mix costs £1.10 so it's a cheap activity with the kids.

For more ideas of ways to keep the kids entertained, check out my kids' crafts and baking section.

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