Monday 23 February 2015

Ideas for Pure Protein Meals #Dukan

I've just shared the results of my first week following the Dukan 2 (Nutritional Staircase) diet and, although I was hugely sceptical, I was delighted to see almost a 2kg loss this week, so I'll definitely be sticking to it for a while longer. The only tricky thing is finding things to eat on Mondays, which is a pure protein day - fish and meat, eggs, poultry and seafood are all on the menu, but no fruit or veg - hmmm.

Here are a few ideas I've come up but if you have any more, let me know ! I'm trying to make things that feel like real meals, not just a jumble of protein-rich ingredients that don't really go together !

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Ham or chicken omelette

Bacon and eggs or ham and eggs

Chicken or beef with Konjac noodles

Scotch eggs

Poached eggs with kippers

Boiled eggs with ham or smoked haddock dippers

Surf and turf (steak and prawns)

liver and bacon (except I hate liver !)

crustless ham or bacon or smoked salmon and chive quiche

What am I missing ?!


  1. anything with tuna or turkey is a great way to get protein in and peanut butter and chia seeds are packed full of protein too :) x #weightlosswednesday

    1. Thanks for the ideas. Chia seeds are definitely on the "allowed foods" list but I don't think peanut butter is because of the fat content - after a few weeks, I think I'll be a bit less strict and allow some veggies on a Monday too. It does seem to be working at the moment though so I'll keep going until I get seriously bored !!

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  3. Some of my favourites from doing the Dukan Diet 1 and now for day 1 of Dukan Diet 2 are:

    Chicken and cottage cheese.
    Tuna, boiled eggs and chicken.
    Curry made with chicken, onion, fat free yoghurt and spices.
    Vege sausage, scrambled eggs and tomato puree.
    Omelette with Philadelphia in the middle.
    Skewers with salmon, prawns and onions wrapped in foil and oven cooked.
    Seafood mix of prawns, mussels, squid, seafood sticks and salmon.
    (Todays meal) Crocodile burgers and poached eggs.
    Ostrich steaks with cottage cheese.
    Ostrich burgers are good for doing a de constructed burger with fried egg (1 calorie spray!), onions and low fat cheese.

    1. Thanks for sharing, there are some fabulous ideas on here - I like the idea of trying exotic meats like ostrich and crocodile - what did that taste like ?


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