Tuesday 17 February 2015

Happy Pancake Day !

The problem with Shrove Tuesday is that it always falls in the middle of the working week and the kids want pancakes when I've just got in from work. Now, I know pancakes aren't very complicated to throw together anyway, but Mrs Crimbles made my job even easier this year by sending me through a box of their Home Bake Pancake Mix (RRP £1.99). As it's gluten-free, I decided to keep the free-from theme going by using Provamel rice-almond instead of regular milk. (I'm not sure it made any difference to the taste.)

You just add two eggs and 3/4 pint of milk then whisk it all up.

I left it to stand for 10 minutes while I made up the filling - I cooked a pack of bacon lardons along with a large sliced leek and a couple of mushrooms, then added some crème fraîche and grated cheese.

Time to get cooking the pancakes. The batter is quite thick - my usual homemade mix is runnier - so it made a thick pancake that had about the thickness and texture of an American pancake.

It was the perfect texture for tossing, much to the kids' delight ! The pancakes are quite firm and almost spongy but I think that's due to them being gluten-free.

The cheesy leek and bacon filling worked really well for the savoury option.

Nutella and strawberry jam were the top choices for the sweet options.

Have you been eating pancakes today? If so, what was your choice of filling/topping?

Disclosure : I received the pancake mix in order to write an honest review.

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  1. they look yummy! I didn't make any, may have a go at the weekend


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