Monday 23 February 2015

Madhouse diaries : Blowing away the cobwebs at the beach

Life has been incredibly hectic at work for the past few weeks, so it seems ages since we've been on any adventures or even got out in the fresh air. The cold weather and rain hasn't helped. Our half term has just kicked off though so we started as we mean to go on and headed out to the far end of the beach for some fresh air.

It was freezing cold and quite breezy but, despite the grey skies that were threatening rain, I was surprised to see that there were quite a few people wandering about - glad to see we're not the only loonies !

With their usual enthusiasm, Juliette and Pierre were soon running up and down the dunes, and they giggled in delight when I joined in ! I only did it once though - I don't know where they get their energy from !

This is the far end of Dunkerque beach, where the World War 2 bunkers are. You may remember, I told you about them and the artwork on the bunkers last year.

To begin with, the big attraction for the kids was the sea though and they were squealing happily as they played chicken.

I couldn't help but laugh as they got bolder and bolder.

Ooh, that was a bit close for comfort Pierre !

Seeing how much fun they were having, Sophie proved that you're never too old by joining in.

But she didn't run fast enough ! Cue much hilarity !

Juliette, in particular, laughed her socks off.

But Sophie got the last laugh because a big wave came up behind her and covered her boots in disgusting foam. I always used to think this was pollution but apparently, according to the science teacher at my school, it's natural. It's still pretty yucky though !

We headed along to the ruins of the bunkers. It still surprises me to see old buildings from World War 2 just plonked on the beach.

Pierre always thinks they're great fun to play in and explore but I always get goosebumps thinking about what these sinister stone sentries have witnessed.

The universe seemed to want to lighten the mood though. We came across an incongruous piece of graffiti wishing us a nice day.

And the sky suddenly turned bright blue.

As the kids watched the waves, I wandered up to see if there were any new paintings on the bunkers.

And there were ! I don't know who the artists are but they are extremely talented. The detail on the beetle is amazing.

Some are quite jovial.

Other designs are less impressive and seem almost irreverent, given the historic importance of these buildings.

I was surprised to see that the sea comes right up to the base of the bunkers.

It's a credit to the architects to see that the buildings have withstood so many decades of waves crashing into them. I wonder how many more years they will survive.

Nature seems to be winning in some places, like these steps that lead to nowhere.

They actually blend into the scenery amongst the dunes.

It's always a strange juxtaposition to have a beautiful sandy beach and clear views out to sea, then to turn around and see the concrete monsters that have born witness to such horrors.

The carefully secreted pillboxes always seem extra chilling - you don't see them until you are right on top of them so I can always imagine soldiers running up to shelter in the dunes, thinking they're safe, only to meet their doom.

There was one new project going on that I'd heard about and wanted to see but I'll tell you about it in another blogpost.

Time for a few selfies, some more dune-climbing and playing chicken with the sea, then we headed for home.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Your stretch of coastline always looks so much fun with plenty to explore. My kids would be all over those pillboxes peering inside and analysing the graffiti. Looks like a perfect winter explore. thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  2. A stunning beach to visit. So much beauty mixed with so much history. Sounds like the perfect way to start half term to me

  3. Great photos! I would love to live near the sea

  4. The beach always looks amazing and I love the bunkers dotted about, so unique

  5. Gosh, so cold and windy, I am almost shivering just looking at the photos. :) Great winter day of exploring


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