Wednesday 25 February 2015

Forget the birds and the bees, it's time to #talkballs !

I'm not really suggesting you give up on teaching your kids how babies are made, but to be honest, by the time you feel comfortable enough to give them a sensible answer that doesn't involve "daddy planting little seeds in mummy's tummy" or "tadpoles", they'll have probably looked it all up on google anyway ! One talk that fathers should be having with their sons though is telling them how to cop a feel of their crown jewels in the name of testicular cancer ! Read on for more information about a new charity campaign aiming to save lives by getting dads to #talkballs with their sons - I'll never look at a sausage and potatoes in the same way ever again !


Vikings and Hunger Games star, Alexander Ludwig, has teamed up with Orchid Male Cancer Charity to launch a new viral campaign encouraging fathers to ‘talk balls’ with their sons. The new viral campaign is a humorous take on a serious message; showing a father making numerous attempts to bring up the awkward subject of testicular cancer with his sons. The video cleverly demonstrates that there shouldn’t be any awkwardness because the sons are more than willing to ‘talk balls’ with their Dad. Have a look here :

Over 2,200 young men aged 15-44 are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year. Orchid’s ‘Father and Sons’ campaign hopes to encourage men to feel confident talking to their sons about testicular cancer, and ensure they know how to check for signs and symptoms.

Orchid Chief Executive Rebecca Porta comments “Awareness of testicular cancer has significantly improved over the past few years, but recent research commissioned by the Orchid highlights a substantial gap in communication when it comes to discussing serious health conditions with children. Approximately a third of parents say that they did not feel confident discussing how to check for the signs and symptoms of serious and sensitive conditions like testicular cancer with their children, despite this being the most common cancer to affect young males. Talking to your son openly about the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer could be crucial in leading to early detection of a lump or an abnormality. If caught early, the disease can be 98% curable."

Alexander Ludwig, who is supporting the campaign says, “I know it’s not a comfortable subject to talk about, but we need to talk about it because testicular cancer affects thousands of men and their families each year.”

Help Orchid spread awareness by sharing this video using the hashtag #talkballs

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