Friday 6 February 2015

Bootiful food art take 2 #makemealtimesfun

As I told you yesterday, Bernard Matthews challenged us to take part in a fun food art project and I showed you our first #makemealtimesfun project - a totally edible snowman and Christmas tree. Well, we decided to use our vouchers to stock up on some more products and this time, we hit the frozen foods aisle.

I grabbed some more chicken breast (because the kids loved it so much) then decided to get creative with frozen Mini Kievs, Numbers, Dinosaurs and Golden Drummers.

The result of our efforts was this peacock, which we thought looked very cute, with his body and legs made out of Numbers ! A few slices of olive and a carrot nose and he was finished.

Fancy having a go yourself? There's a fab competition on the Bernard Matthews website inviting you to create your own foodscape using their products with an apple ipad 16GB mini as well as a year’s supply of Bernard Matthews products to be won.

for more information :

Disclosure : We received some vouchers to buy products to take part in the #makemealtimesfun challenge.

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