Tuesday 24 February 2015

Madhouse diaries : A reflection of the past

As I told you yesterday, our first half term adventure was a walk along the far end of Dunkirk beach to see the old ruined World War 2 bunkers and blow away the cobwebs. In recent years, artists have been using them as blank canvases with some surprising artwork on display. I'd heard about the latest project which involved totally covering one of the bunkers in pieces of broken mirrors - kind of like the Dunkirk version of the The Shard ?!

From a distance, it looks like it's been covered in an extremely large roll of tinfoil but as you walk closer, you can see it reflecting the changing colours of the sky and sea, almost like a kaleidoscope.

The dramatic grey skies with occasional bursts of sunlight breaking through the clouds really showed it off, although I'm intrigued to see how it will look in the summer with bright blue skies to reflect.

It actually looks very pretty, which seems weird when you think that it's a reminder of a terrible war.

On closer inspection, some of the shards high up have lethal, jagged edges, which is possibly supposed to represent the danger and deadly nature of the buildings and their history.

When you get up close, it's a bit like a hall of mirrors, with the multitude of pieces reflecting distorted and fragmented images that constantly shift as you move.

We couldn't resist taking a few photos and playing with the effects.

You could spend hours snapping away !

Just as we were leaving, the artists turned up and started assembling more shards of glass to complete their design. As Sophie said, they must have amassed quite a lot of years of bad luck with all those broken mirrors !

I love the fragmented images of sea and sky.

It would be interesting to do a "photo a day" image from the same spot to see all the different reflections.

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  1. That is really an interesting way to make a bunker look more fascinating. It must be amazing when the sun hits it

  2. Fantastic way to take photos in a broken mirror. Absolutely fascinating


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