Friday 13 February 2015

Sweetie hearts for your Valentine Sweetheart ! (review)

Do you remember when penny sweets really did cost a penny and with the 5p change left over from your school dinner money, hanging round your neck in a neck purse (I bet they'd be banned on health and safety grounds now !), you could literally buy a bag full of sweets to chomp on on the way home? Well, I don't think we'll ever see those prices again unfortunately, but I was still very pleased to learn about Retro Sweet, formerly known as, and their wide range of nostalgic sweets.

They kindly sent us through this beautiful Love Lolly May Sweet Box (RRP £14.99) for us to try out. Inside the box, you get three different bags of sweets and they looked so lovely, I almost didn't want to mess up the packaging !

The little packets of Love Hearts were immediately pounced on - and not just by the kids ! I used to love these in my youth and reading the silly messages on them still makes me smile. They're perfect for Valentine's day too.

In the middle bag are beautiful foil-wrapped chocolate hearts which looked very posh and tasted lovely too - you can't go far wrong with a velvety, smooth chocolate heart !

In the final bag were Jelly Bean Love Hearts which ended up being my favourites. I love the slight chewiness and the instant burst of sweet fruitiness when you bite into them and chew - hmmm !

If you're looking at the heart-shapes and thinking that they'd make a perfect Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift, there's another cool feature - you get a personalised A6 Gift Card with the message of your choice for that personal touch.

That's just one of the Valentine's gift ideas from Retro Sweet though -  they feature an extensive Valentine’s Day range of gifts, from chocolate heart trays bearing your sweetie’s name to hampers and even sweet bouquets.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


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