Thursday 5 February 2015

Bootiful food art #makemealtimesfun

If there's one thing we love at The Madhouse, it's a fun cookery challenge so when Bernard Matthews got in touch to ask us to join in with their #makingmealsfun challenge, we couldn't wait to get our thinking caps on. They sent us through the above design by food artist Carl Warner as inspiration but said that they'd love to see our own creations.

I had a look at the range of Bernard Matthews products on offer and thought it would be just too easy to go for the ready-shaped Turkey Dinosaurs, Jetters or Numbers so I moved away from the frozen foods aisle and into the chilled meats range instead. Seeing the whiteness of the Cooked Chicken and Turkey Breast Slices gave me an idea ...

I got all sorts of possible food-art materials out of the fridge and cupboards to see what would inspire us and Pierre joined in the fun.

We used some red apple peel for a scarf and slices of apple as a hat, small pieces of dried banana as coal for the buttons and eyes and - well, it was a no brainer ! - a piece of carrot for a nose.

We also made a kiwi fruit Christmas tree with dried cranberry baubles, a carrot star, a dried banana trunk and carrot presents with kiwi peel ribbons. Some broccoli bushes and pine nut snowflakes finished off the design.

We were very pleased with how it came out and the best thing was, there was no tidying up because the kids just came and ate it all (even the kiwi peel ribbons !) We had so much fun, we had another go with some different products but I'll show you that in another blogpost.

If I've inspired you to have a go, make sure you head over to the Bernard Matthews website and enter their 'foodscape' competition -  there's an apple ipad 16GB mini as well as a year’s supply of Bernard Matthews products up for grabs.

for more information :

Disclosure : We received some vouchers to buy the products to take part in the challenge.

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  1. looks great, I love the dino scene at the top, my daughter loves turkey dinosaurs


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