Friday 20 February 2015

Half-term Boredom Buster : Pasta Gems #FloraFamilyFun

Today's half-term boredom buster idea was Pasta Gems - it was the activity that I purposely put off until the end of the week because it sounded the messiest out of all of them ! You may remember, so far this week, we've made sock puppets, all-in-one cupcakes, egg carton crocodiles and cinnamon & raisin cookies - all activities from the Flora Family Fun Guide that only take a few moments and only require things that you will already have lying around the house. They're ideal projects for wet weekends when the kids are going stir crazy and you need some inspiration for cheap and cheerful but nevertheless fun things to do with them.

This activity involved putting uncooked pasta in sandwich bags with the unlikely combination of hand sanitizer gel and food colouring. I made sure I did this bit while the kids were out of the way !

After squishing them about a bit, I tipped the contents out on some kitchen roll to absorb the excess liquid then left them to dry.

The instructions suggested putting them on the radiator or in the sun but it was pouring hard and the heating wasn't on so I just left them on the side for a couple of hours. They didn't totally dry out though so it was still a bit messy !

Pierre had good fun threading them though and his onesie is so colourful, any splashes wouldn't really show anyway !

He thought it was great fun using pasta as beads and I've suggested we try making some pasta art using spaghetti, pasta bows and macaroni stuck to sheets of paper and maybe painted or covered in glitter - who knows ?!

I must admit, I'm not sure I'll be wearing the necklace but it was a fun activity to do together !

Disclosure : We received a Boredom Buster kit.

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